Xur Location for June 30

Xur is finished his normal 9-5 job and has now shown up to work weekends selling Exotics. This time around, he’s chumming in the Reef. If you want to find him, do what religious folks recommend, Turn Right and Go Straight. (He’s down the stairs.)


Xur’s items for the week:

  • The Glasshouse (Titan Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Young Ahamkara’s Spine (Hunter Gauntlets) -13 Strange Coins
  • Starfire Protocol (Warlock Chest Armour) -13 Strange Coins
  • Hawkmoon (Hand Cannon) – 23 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Engram (Leg Armour Engram) – 29 Strange Coins
  • MIDA Multi-Tool and Special Ops bundle – 30 Strange Coins & 25 Silver Dust
  • Truth and Heart of Gold bundle – 30 Strange Coins & 25 Silver Dust


For the Little Lights…

GuardianCon 2017 is coming to Tampa, Florida, running from June 30-July 1, but things have already kicked off with a special charity drive, happening right now on Twitch.tv.

The goal is to raise $1,000,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and we want to do our part. Go to http://bit.ly/HHFTT-GC2017 and make your donation today. Every little bit — one dollar, five dollars, or digging deeper for more — will make a difference.

And for Happy hour from the Tower listeners, go on and make a donation. In the “Comments” field, write “From the listeners of Happy Hour from the Tower, for the Little Lights” and then send us a screen shot. We will enter your name in a drawing for something from our Vault of Geeky Goodies.

Make your donation before June 29 as that is when this GuardianCon fund raiser comes to a close. So eyes up, Guardians. Time to give for the Little Lights out there. Give to GuardianCon today.


Xur Location for June 23-25

Happy Xur Solstice!

Okay, I know it’s Summer Solstice and that joke didn’t even make sense, but when you get to chasing the Agent of the Nine every week, you get a little loopy. So, here we are with some summertime iced tea and chasing Exotics. Let’s see what Xur has for us this week!


This weekend, Xur is hanging out in the Tower, with his buddy, the Speaker (presumably for one of the last times ever). Here’s what he has available to Guardians.

  • Peregrine Greaves (Titan legs) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Celestial Nighthawk (Hunter helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Heart of the Praxic Fire (Warlock chest) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Monte Carlo (Auto rifle) – 23 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Engram (Body armour) – 29 Strange Coins


He also has these weapon bundles:

  • Monte Carlo and Royal Flush – 30 Strange Coins, 25 Silver Dust
  • Red Death and Steel Witch – 30 Strange Coins, 25 Silver Dust

Monte Carlo originated as a Playstation exclusive, and its featured power is that it grants quicker melee cool down. From what we’ve been reading, auto rifles may not be the #1 choice of all Guardians. Also, apparently, no one but me runs around punching everything. (After a long travel week, you can bet I’ll be doing that tonight!)

Thanks to the folks across the pond at The Sun for this week’s information.

Reset Tuesday: Info for June 20

It’s Taco…I mean Reset Tuesday! What are the new challenges for the Guardians during this week’s Age of Triumph activities?
There are updates to the Challenge of Elders, new enemies in the Prison of Elders, an updated Nightfall strike, new raid of the week, and more. Let’s discuss!


Weekly Nightfall

This week’s strike is the Blighted Chalice. Head to the Moon to face the Pride of Oryx. Be prepared to deal with Void Burn. Modifiers include Brawler, Fresh Troops, Airborne, and Daybreak.

  • Brawler increases melee damage.
  • Fresh Troops increases the number of enemies in squads.
  • Airborne (aka the Thermal Wolf special) increases the damage you deal while in the air.
  • Daybreak greatly increases ability recharge rate.

Heroic playlist modifiers

Solar Burn, Specialist, Juggler.

Crucible playlists

Mayhem Clash.


Challenge of Elders

Guardians will be dealing with Berserk, Small Arms, Melee Kill Bonus.

Round 1: Seditious Mind (Vex)
Round 2: Keksis the Betrayed (Fallen)
Round 3: Val Aru’un (Cabal)

Weekly featured raid

Crota’s End is this week’s featured raid.

Don’t forget to give Episode 009 a listen for some of my starting over from the beginning, plus an amazing cosplayer from Awesomecon!

Episode #009: Nick’s Master Plan


Our episode begins with the presentation of a PS4 to Nick Kelly, He’s now able to play alongside Brandon, Tee, and Ron…but not before he gets his numbers up to snuff.

So…Nick’s got a blank canvas in front of him. What now?

Sound off, Guardians! Do you spark it in Destiny or do you troll? Talk to us at 703.791.1701 (reachable through WhatsApp) or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • Tee is getting his Heath Ledger on…
  • Ron reminds Nick of Shepherd Book from Firefly…and you know, he’s got a point.
  • When Ron gives advice in game, it’s tough love.
  • Shout out to +2 Charisma who made us these wicked-cool glasses for our podcast!
  • And suddenly we get plug heavy…

3:52 — Nick’s Master Plan

  • If you ever wondered what makes for bad audio…
  • Tee presents Nick with a non-gift because, well, Nick’s purchased Tee’s old PS4.
  • Does anyone need a LAN Cable? How about a toe?
  • Nick’s beginning a band new adventure on his household’s second PS4.
  • Now, a breakdown on where to find us all…
  • Ron puts down an ultimatum about The Crucible.
  • Music tangent, featuring composer Blake Neely on Twitter
  • The question to Nick: Are you going to spark it, or are you going to troll it?
  • One advantage of trolling to 40: Experiencing the Cinematics. Again.
  • Making a connection that takes Tee completely off-guard…

13:43 — Headshots

15:19 — Nick’s Master Plan (Part Two)

  • Coach makes everybody happy.
  • Ron’s definition of trolling in Destiny…and it’s eeeeeevil.
  • Other oddities of Destiny…
  • Anyone need a LAN cable?
  • Another way Nick can organically troll: His Grimoire.
  • And there goes Tee, breaking the Fourth Wall.
  • Advantages of working through levels, and what Nick can’t do presently (a/k/a pining for Archon’s Forge).
  • Waxing nostalgic. It’s what you do…
  • Quick shout out to Subifan05 who represented Guardians with respect at AwesomeCon!
  • Share with us your stories on how you decide to start over…
    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • Where to find us online…

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Eyes up, Guardian!
Time to give up the Ghost.

Thanks for listening. 


Weekly Reset for June 13

E3 is in full swing in Los Angeles, with plenty of news regarding Destiny 2. Meanwhile, it’s Tuesday, and that means another Age of Triumph reset. What’s new for Nightfall Strikes, the Crucible, the featured raid and beyond? Let’s take a look!


Weekly Nightfall
The Undying Mind is this week’s Nightfall. Modifiers include Epic, Specialist, Juggler, Grounded, and Chaff.

  • Epic means an increase in heavily shielded enemies
  • Specialist provides an edge to special weapon damage
  • Juggler prevents any ammo drops for your equipped weapon
  • Grounded increases damage taken by Guardians while in the air
  • Chaff disables players’ radar

Heroic playlist modifiers
Heroic, Arc Burn, Brawler, & Ironclad.


Crucible playlists
Zone Control.


Challenge of Elders
Berserk, Catapult, Precision Kill Bonus.

Round 1: Keksis the Betrayed (Fallen)
Round 2: Seditious Mind (Vex)
Round 3: Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx (Cabal)
Weekly featured raid
Wrath of the Machine is this week’s raid. Go get that slick armor!!!

Weekly Reset for June 6, 2017

As the guardians have seen, the Age of Triumph once again brings the Weekly Reset. What’s new for Nightfall Strikes, the Crucible, the featured raid and beyond? Let’s take a look!


It’s the Iron Banner! According to Bungie, Supremacy is this week’s challenge type. Victory rewards include the Iron Saga Mark (Titan Mark), Iron Saga Helmet, The Branded Lord (Fusion Rifle), and The Distant Star (Scout Rifle).

Weekly Nightfall

It’s everyone’s favorite eyeball, as the Weekly Nightfall brings back Sepiks Perfected, with Arc Burn. Modifiers include Ironclad, Catapult, and Exposure.


  • Ironclad increases the number of enemies with shields.
  • Catapult up the grenade recharge rate.
  • Exposure increases shields, but they do not replenish.


Heroic playlist modifiers

Void Burn, Berserk, Brawler.

Crucible playlists

Combined Arms.

Challenge of Elders

Airborne, Trickle, Super Kill Bonus.

Round 1: Wretched Knight (Hive)
Round 2: Keksis the Betrayed (Fallen)
Round 3: Overmind Minotaur (Vex)

Weekly featured raid

King’s Fall is this week’s featured raid. Good luck against Oryx.

Episode #008: Play Smart. Play Efficiently.


It’s been a challenge recording this episode, but third time’s the charm! Ron had so much fun in studio with us that he decided to come back for more, but in this episode we talk about playing efficiently. What exactly does that entail, and when is it a good time to stay away from your comfort zones?

Sound off, Guardians! How do you play Destiny and where do your preferences lie? Auto? Pulse? Scout? Talk to us at 703.791.1701 (reachable through WhatsApp) or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • Man, Chief Wigam 49 and Halo Is My Bitch 12 are throwing serious gremlins in the mix!
  • Ron decides to pick apart a line from The Empire Strikes Back
  • …and the show is already off the rails.
  • Brandon’s take on Friday the 13th: The Game.
    • Worth the wait!
    • Disturbing chats in hardware stores after playing Jason Voorhees…
    • Wait, this is not the podcast for that game. This is!
  • Destiny accomplishments for the week
    • Some of us got together with Michi. Some of us…
    • Damn social life.
    • Takeaways from the week’s Nightfall Strike
    • No, Tee…that’s not a Troll. That’s…oh, never mind…

7:09 — Play Smart. Play Efficiently

  • Brandon brings up a painful memory on why Tee wasn’t even able to play Destiny inefficiently on Day One…
  • A Titan’s mantra
  • Tee is convinced that certain weapons go with classes. Tee’s delusional.
  • #FloofingOff
  • However, some classes and races “fit” better together.
  • Ron’s Kryptonite: Sniper Rifles.
  • Lessons learned in the Challenge of Elders
    • Tee surprises himself with headshots.
    • Brandon wants a better indication of a precision kill…and we are back in Jason territory…
    • #Not aStormtrooper

12:47 — The Nerd Out App

13:58 — Play Smart. Play Efficiently. (Part Two)

  • Bless you, Brandon.
  • Ron dealt Tee during a loot review a Boot to the Head.
    • And Ron and Nick rub salt into Tee’s 400 Light wound.
    • A look into a new perspective on how to level up.
    • Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew…
    • Ron’s Tough Love. We all feel it when we run with him.
  • No, Tee…Ether Seeds, not Exot—oh, never mind.
  • The Plight of a “Part Time” Player…
  • Tee breaks the Fourth Wall, derails the episode, and turns it into a segue.

21:11 — Guardian Transmissions

  • Tee started up a chat with Spartan Jenzii after seeing a work-in-progress of hers appear on the Destiny Facebook Community.
  • Jenzii’s jam is EPIC cosplay builds.
  • Her current work: Aksis from Tee’s favorite raid, Wrath of the Machine!
  • Spartan Jenzii shares her story of her Aksis, Archon Prime build on the HHFTT Blog…
  • Sharing some Cosplay Melee love.
  • Wrapping-up and winding-down the episode…
    • AwesomeCon
    • Escape Velocity 2017
    • BlerDCon
  • We can take our act on the road, so if you want HHFTT at your event, reach out to us!
    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
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  • Where to find us online…
    • All these different locations…some of which ask for reviews, and we would appreciate that.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest (No, really, Pinterest!)
  • Ron, you want to take that call?

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or here at the blog.
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Eyes up, Guardian!
Time to give up the Ghost.

Thanks for listening. 


Xur Location for June 2

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend! (Quick, somebody photoshop me a bandana on the Agent of the Nine.) It’s Friday, and that means it’s TGIX: Thankful Guardians Interview Xur.

That’s not a thing. Scrub your eyeballs.

On with the show…Xur is back and here’s his location and what he’s hocking out of the back of his panel van this week. (That’s also not a thing). This week, the Agent of the Nine is in the Tower nightclub. So, belly up to the bar, pop some glimmer in the juke box, and enjoy Happy Hour (from the Tower).


Here are the Exotic Armors available this weekend (13 Strange Coins each):

  • Crest of Alpha Lupi chest piece for Titans
  • Mask of the Third Man helmet for Hunters
  • Skull of Dire Ahamkara helmet for Warlocks.

destinyThe Exotic Weapon is Hard Light, a fast-firing auto rifle whose bullets ricochet off of hard surfaces. (23 Strange Coins)

The Weapon Bundles are Monte Carlo auto rifle with the Superspy ornament, and the Red Death pulse rifle with the Steel Witch ornament.

Not a lot of love for this week’s inventory. Maybe Xur will have some better items for next week’s “School’s out for Summer” edition.


School Bands Getting in on Destiny

Special thanks to the continued great work by the folks over at GameRant.com. Kyle Sledge posted this article earlier this week featuring a middle school orchestra doing their rendition of the Cabal Stomp.

Game Rant’s article on the Cabal Stomp orchestra HERE.

As Kyle points out, this was originally posted by a Reddit user named “rediamnot” on Bungie’s official Destiny subreddit. It’s always amazing to see just how widespread the game’s popularity is, across generations and countries throughout the globe.


The article continues, pointing back to a 2-year old post from Game Rant contributor Sarah Fields. This post features an 8-minute video of the Guyer High School Wildcat Marching Band doing a full performance to music from Destiny. This isn’t new territory for the Wildcats, who, in 2012, performed an entire set to video game music. Songs included medleys from Tetris, Pokemon, and Halo. 

The Wildcat Destiny Musical Article from Game Rant here.

Music has always played a big role in Destiny, with a wonderful soundtrack supporting the game play. Back in 2014, Sir Paul McCartney even released an accompanying song, titled “Hope for the Future.” It marked the first time that the former Beatle had composed for a video game. To celebrate the song’s release, McCartney even created his own Guardian for the game.

Sir Paul McCartney’s Guardian

Wrath of the Cosplayer: Spartan Jenzii Creates Aksis

As you may have heard on our last podcast, I am absolutely enamored if not slightly obsessed with the last of the raids from Destiny: Wrath of the Machine. The Rise of Iron expansion ramped up everything in this far-off future of our world, and its accompanying raid does not disappoint. Throughout the epic cyberpunk event is Aksis, the Big Boss behind the Devil Splicers. This transformed Fallen can be best described in its own words…

“We are they who created themselves out of themselves and died in the creation. No longer merely the god in the machine, but the machine in the god. ~consume enhance replicate~ Here we rise, made equal at last to that which we worship. ~consume enhance replicate~”
When it comes to monsters, Archon Prime ranks alongside the Alien Queen as one of the most terrifying from science fiction. It would take a Guardian without fear to face such a boss, let alone try to cosplay it.
Meet Spartan Jenzii, a Guardian and cosplayer without fear.
With her experience in creating the fantastic, Spartan Jenzii (Jennifer) knew the supreme leader of the Splicers would be an incredible undertaking. She brings her story behind the cosplay to HHFTT
“Aksis has to be one of my favorite characters in Destiny, the very first time I encountered him was love at first sight and that moment I knew that was going to be my next cosplay. I’ve been playing Destiny since Beta and I can’t wait for Destiny 2.

“Aksis took me around 5 months to build. It was the most challenging cosplay I’ve ever encountered, especially when considering the size of the build, my height (5’2″), and how it will be put together. My only references were taking screenshots while playing the raid (which was difficult since I had to keep moving!) and art from the Grimoire and fans. My Aksis, Archon Prime Build, is made out of mainly EVA foam, Modelling Foam, fabrics, PVC, all painted with spray paints and primers. I use Revit to draw the templates and patterns to my size. Aksis had so much detail but I was to find I could scale it to my height.”

“My biggest challenges were the legs and tail, as they were the biggest part of the costume. I had to figure out a way to balance the legs without collapsing or falling, so I used little wheels and placed metal rods in between to separate them so they wouldn’t fall. The tail was really heavy, so I used metal profiles and brackets to prevent it from falling. It does move but it will prevent it from falling. Overall I am so excited that I took on Aksis. The costume is done,  all made by me including some of the lights in Aksis’ head and legs.”

If you find yourself in Australia, Spartan Jenzii will be presenting her Aksis, Archon Prime at Supanova this June! Take pictures, and tell Jenzii the HHFTT crew said “G’day, Guardian!”

Congratulations, Jennifer. This is cosplay on an epic scale!