Episode #021: A Leviathan Raid Review

We may be going long on this episode of Happy Hour from the Tower because last week, our own TeeMonster headed into the belly of the beast with Lulusoccer and pulled off a raid.

Yes, Tee successfully survived the Leviathan!

While Nick has questions and Brandon tries on various shades of green, the guys shadow-step with Tee through the first raid of Destiny 2. In the second half of the show, we also look at a conversation floating through the Destiny community about the state of the game after its first month. Does it have staying power? Hear what the guys have to say on that.

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0:00 — Introduction

  • Showing a little love for Failsafe, our new favorite NPC.
  • Tee admits how Peter Dinklage would not work as the voice of your Ghost in Destiny 2.
  • Congratulations, Dead Orbit…you freakin’ Space Goths.

3:14 — Episode #021: A Leviathan Raid Review

  • Congratulations all around.
  • Wait, did Brandon do something that is more on par with Tee’s approach to Destiny?
  • Tee’s adventure alongside LuluSoccer in the Leviathan Raid
  • Tee’s Early Morning Twitch Streamit’s a thing now!
  • So let’s talk about that Leviathan Raid…
    • Tee felt pretty good about the Raid. The follow up was when he freaked out.
    • Running time for the Leviathan? Somewhere in the two-three hour window.
    • The Baths: One minor hiccup reminiscent of Monty Python, but then Tee was solid.
    • The Gauntlet: Wait, you want me to do what?!
      • Run, Barry. Run!
      • And Tee’s heart rate was up going into the Boss Battle.
    • The Thorne Room: Tee’s Chariots of Fire Moment
    • The Grinder: This was Tee’s traumatic moment…and the Raid was already done! 
  • Why Tee was completely blown away by the Leviathan
    • The team dynamic
    • The fault in Bungie’s Guided Games
    • Brandon doesn’t get Trolly McTroll, but they are out there.
    • Fortunately, trolls are in the minority in the Destiny community

18:03 — The P.I.Y. Workshop 2017, presented by Tee Morris & Chuck Tomasi of Podcasting for Dummies, 3rd Edition

18:43 — Episode #021: A Leviathan Raid Review (Part 2)

  • Seriously? Tee was the first in the Clan to do it?
  • If you are looking for Raid tips and more, check out…
  • The Throne Room Battle
    • SPOILER ALERT!!! (Fast forward to 21:35 to avoid any spoilers from the Raid’s finale.)
    • Who is Emperor Calus?
    • How do you start the boss fight? It’s pretty cool.
    • A very clever touch of storytelling. Well done, Bungie.
    • Nick Kelly, everyone. Don’t forget to tip your servers…
  • The Leviathan in a Nutshell: The mechanics of King’s Fall with the pace of Wrath of the Machine

22:48 — Guardian Feedback

  • Quick aside, check out Nick’s new threads from Bungie…
  • Tee came across a comment from the Bungie’s Destiny 2: The Community Group on Facebook
    • A “casual gamer” cries “Foul!” on the more difficult challenges of Destiny 2
    • Destiny Power Player Datto shares his own thoughts.
    • New hashtag: #LootPinata
  • So here are a few thoughts from us…
    • The new mechanics do make things easier for a casual audience because this is a business.
    • This is reminiscent of SMOFs whining about new fans at conventions.
    • “Casual Gamers” are not always a bad thing.
    • 3vil_Aura has voiced concern about the game already being over and done, but is that fair considering the level of gamer that he is?
    • The disconnect with Tee and Brandon: In Destiny 2, there is always something to do! The grind is in the design, and it is fun!
  • We have all played Destiny 2 in this first month of the game as opposed to the last six months with Destiny for various reasons.
  • Tee and nick are not cool with the new “participation trophies” in Destiny 2, as Datto commented on.
  • Hey, Michi — we need to pair up Turtle Jr. with Thermal…
  • There is just as much to do for casual gamers as there is for the higher level players.
  • Nick’s biggest aggravation: Asher Mir. (He’s a jerk.)
  • Hey — we got our first review on iTunes!!!
  • And here’s your dose of Guardian Goofiness until the next show…
  • Holy Hannah in a Hovercraft, that was fun! What did you think?
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    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
  • Brandon is counting down to Destiny 2’s Iron Banner! DAT ARMOR, DOH…
  • See you in two weeks!

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The Leviathan Raid: Beaten in Six Hours

You know know we Guardians love to learn a good raid, but before sitting at the feet of Raid masters like ZG Photo or LuluSoccer, you have to remember that they all start from somewhere. That first step. that incredibly humbling moment where the Raid Team Leader and their crew have no idea what is coming next.

Yesterday, a fireteam named The Legend Himself stepped forward to face the challenge of Destiny 2’s first raid, Leviathan. They completed it in six hours.

From Koatu.com:

Destiny 2’s first raid, Leviathan, went live at 10am pacific today. Immediately, hardcore clans got to work. Hours later, a team of players cracked it. The Legend Himself had the honor of being the first team ever to beat a raid in Destiny 2. You can see the spoilerific final moments below. Chat, as you might expect, goes wild.

See the whole story, complete with spoiler video of Leviathan’s finale, here.

The Legend Himself, led by ScaRdrow, has an incredible history with Destiny Raids as he and his team accomplished not only the Rise of Iron Raid Wrath of the Machine (a personal favorite of Tee’s) in record time, but accomplished what many considered the impossible and unimaginable: a solo face-off with Aksis. Challenges are nothing new to this team, and what a feat to pull off in the first week of Destiny 2.

At the time of posting this, ZG Photo (friend of the podcast) is entering his ninth hour with a skilled Raid team; but Raids are not meant to be easy. They are meant to be a challenge, and we Guardians salute not only The Legend Himself, but ZG, Lulu, OneActual, 3vil_Aura, and others taking on what can only be described as an incredible task.

Well done, Guardians. Well done.

Episode #015: An Interview with 3vil_Aura!

With the time closing in on the release of Destiny 2, the Guardians have decided since we’re on a roll with the weekly shows, we will continue this special once-a-week drop right up to Release Date. Then, once Destiny 2 is up and running, we’ll switch back to the fortnightly schedule.

The ramp-up to the new game and release date will include not only a video episode with Brandon and Tee, but interviews with other Guardians we like. And here’s one such Guardian, 3vil_Aura. Streaming from the Philadelphia area, Aura can be found on Twitch, tearing up the Crucible and entertaining viewers from all around the world.

If you got questions for Aura about Twitch, Destiny, Destiny 2, or pitbulls, reach out to him through us to us at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Episode #015: An Interview with 3vil_Aura!

  • Welcome to the show their very first interview!
  • When you say “I’ve been watching you on Twitch…” there’s no real un-creepy way to say that.
  • How do you make an interview happen? Well…
  • Welcome to Aura’s Twitch stream, The Pit, where the music mix is a lot of things, but “safe” isn’t one of them.
    • Find Aura on Discord, and offer up your music suggestions…
    • …but don’t expect Aura to get to that suggestion straight away.
  • Along with Destiny and seriously kick-ass music, what else can you expect to see on The Pit?
    • Overwatch
    • Different flavors of Call of Duty
    • Destiny 2 (coming soon)
    • …and, of course, Layla. Who is Layla, you ask?
  • And, six minutes in, we hop off the rails…
  • What brought Aura to Destiny?
  • Brandon, are you a little nervous? Hang in there, bro!
  • What are classes best suited to the Crucible?
    • How do you engage in The Crucible?
    • How combat style matters in class and subclass
  • Why Aura focuses his Destiny stream on PvP and the Crucible, primarily
    • Time constraints
    • The “replay-bility” of a Crucible match compared to Strikes and Story missions
    • The entertainment factor
  • How you get to run with Aura on The Crucible?
  • Aura’s thoughts on what Bungie has in store for us in Destiny 2
    • A deep-dive into Game Mode Specific Maps
    • Aura stuck with PvP exclusively during the Beta. Here’s why.
    • The value of Supers in Destiny
  • Wait, it’s already been fifteen minutes?!

13:34 — This Kaiju Life

14:04 — Episode #015: An Interview with 3vil_Aura! (Part Two)

  • Trying to get Nick and Brandon to behave in-studio? A lot harder than you think.
  • More on Destiny 2
    • No, Tee didn’t know that Nick wanted to ask about the 4v4 dynamic because he kept his questions all to himself. THAT’S WHY WE HAVE SHOW PREP, KELLY!!!
    • From Aura, in a nutshell: “I never had to struggle to find a gunfight.”
    • The difference between engagement in Control and engagement in Countdown
    • The new RADAR needs work.
  • Stepping away from Destiny
    • Sitting back and letting the bassists rap a bit.
    • Nick does not Twitch. Here’s why.
    • Twitch Chat Management 101
  • Aura’s Passion Project: Villa Lobos Rescue Center
    • Yes, the same Villa Lobos from Pitbulls & Parolees
    • How Aura uses Twitch to sponsor and raise money for Villa Lobos
    • Other charity events Aura has participated in, including GuardianCon.
  • Aura’s GuardianCon 2017 report
  • We don’t really want this to end, but…
    • Where to find Aura…
    • Tee’s new at-work catch phrase, inspired by Aura
  • Where to send your feedback
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    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
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  • Where to find us online…

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