Episode #011: Who’s Who Behind The Cast of Destiny


You getting ready for the Destiny 2 Beta to drop? Well, while you wait, how about enjoying this latest episode with all the Guardians — Nick, Brandon, Tee, and Ron — in the studio, talking about the incredible voice talent that is featured in this game. You may think you know Destiny, but do you know who voices your favorite characters? We do. (Thanks, IMDb!)

Sound off, Guardians! Who’s your favorite voice actor in Destiny and why? Talk to us at 703.791.1701 (reachable through WhatsApp now) or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Episode #11: Who’s Who Behind the Cast of Destiny

  • Let’s talk about the amazing voice talent…
    • In this podcast? Why not!
    • No-no-no, in Destiny. Oh. okay, sure…
  • Jumpin’ right in…
  • Voicing the Vanguard
  • Lord Shaxx we know from The Crucible, but in Lennie James’ spare time…
  • Debating over The Ghost
  • Taking a break on account of the perkiness…

14:36 — Monster Kid Radio

15:38 —Episode #11: Who’s Who Behind the Cast of Destiny (Part Two)

  • Maybe you don’t Know James Remar by name, but listen to the voice of Executor Hideo of the Ne wMonarchy and you might recognize him from…
    • Dexter
    • The Legend of Korra
    • Sex and the City
    • …and all the way back to 48 Hours and The Warriors.
    • This guy’s got the chops!
  • Also with the impressive resume — Bill Nighy. You know him as The Speaker, but you might also know him from…
    • The Underworld Series
    • The Pirates of the Caribbean series
    • Shaun of the Dead
    • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Tee discovers Claudia Black was in the cast, and he didn’t know that!
  • More Walking Dead alumni in Destiny as well…
  • And now…our Voice Crushes in Destiny.
  • Nick offers up a chance for the Guardians to hold a Dream Casting in Destiny 2
    • Kevin Spacey
    • T.J. Storm
    • Leonard Nimoy (posthumously)
    • T.J Miller
    • Stephen Amell
  • Who would you like to hear contributing their voice to the Destinyverse? Let us know at…
    • Voicemail/WhatsApp — 703.791.1701 (And Brandon’s rolling his eyes about the “WhatsApp” connection. Whatev’s.)
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • Where to find us online…

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Weekly Reset – July 4th

Happy Independence Day, America! Happy Tuesday to the rest of the planet, and Happy Reset Day to Guardians everywhere! It’s Tuesday during the Age of Triumph, which means we have new raids, nightfall strikes and more. Here’s all you need to know this Stars and Stripes day!


Weekly Nightfall

The Weekly Nightfall strike is The Nexus. Modifiers include Specialist, Juggler, Chaff, Ironclad.

  • Specialist increases special weapon damage.
  • Juggler means no ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
  • Chaff disables the radar.
  • Ironclad increases the overall number of shielded enemies.

Heroic playlist modifiers

  • Juggler means no ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
  • Airborne – you do more damage while in the air.
  • Catapult – grenade cool down takes longer

Crucible playlists

Mayhem Rumble. Nuff said.


Challenge of Elders

Chaff, Trickle, Grenade Kill Bonus.

  • Round 1: Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx (Cabal)
  • Round 2: Overmind Minotaur (Vex)
  • Round 3: Wretched Knight (Hive)


Weekly featured raid

King’s Fall is this week’s featured raid. Good luck taking out Oryx once again!

Xur Location for June 23-25

Happy Xur Solstice!

Okay, I know it’s Summer Solstice and that joke didn’t even make sense, but when you get to chasing the Agent of the Nine every week, you get a little loopy. So, here we are with some summertime iced tea and chasing Exotics. Let’s see what Xur has for us this week!


This weekend, Xur is hanging out in the Tower, with his buddy, the Speaker (presumably for one of the last times ever). Here’s what he has available to Guardians.

  • Peregrine Greaves (Titan legs) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Celestial Nighthawk (Hunter helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Heart of the Praxic Fire (Warlock chest) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Monte Carlo (Auto rifle) – 23 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Engram (Body armour) – 29 Strange Coins


He also has these weapon bundles:

  • Monte Carlo and Royal Flush – 30 Strange Coins, 25 Silver Dust
  • Red Death and Steel Witch – 30 Strange Coins, 25 Silver Dust

Monte Carlo originated as a Playstation exclusive, and its featured power is that it grants quicker melee cool down. From what we’ve been reading, auto rifles may not be the #1 choice of all Guardians. Also, apparently, no one but me runs around punching everything. (After a long travel week, you can bet I’ll be doing that tonight!)

Thanks to the folks across the pond at The Sun for this week’s information.

Episode #007: The Reveal of Destiny 2 and Tee’s Raid Revelations

Brace yourselves! This episode of Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast is YOUGE! BIGLY! SUPER-SIZED FOR YOUR PLEASURE!

Let’s just be honest here: We had a lot to say about that Twitch stream from Bungie!

We’re breaking down the big reveal from May 18 with Special Guardian Guest Ron Dauphin jumping in on the conversation.

And…wait…Tee’s got a reveal of his own? And it’s got something to do with the Listener Feedback? What’s he revealing to his fellow Fireteam mates?

Enjoy this double-sized engram, encoded with all sorts of thoughts, opinions, and feedback from Bungie’s big day! Share with us your own thoughts on the big changes, new storylines, and incredible surprises from Destiny 2 at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • Big nod to the Red Legion!
  • Nick sharing his love for Amanda while Brandon gives his most serious of faces.
  • Check it out — ObiOrion is in studio!
  • Let’s talk about May 18, 2017…IT WAS NICK’S BIRTHDAY!!!
  • But we think something else was going on that day…

1:52 — The Reveal of Destiny 2 (Part One)

  • Bungie unveiled Destiny 2 on Twitch…and Guardians were pretty happy about it.
  • Piper watched me watch the gameplay…and she loved it.
  • How many times did you watch the gameplay?
  • Do you feel the tension between the classes?
  • Reactions to “Homecoming” from the collected crew…
  • Sweeperbot FTW!!!
  • These Guardians were taking notes!
    • Celebrating the Best of Cayde-6
    • New Special Abilities: The Sentinel, the Dawnblade, and the Arcstrider
    • More news from Mr Fruit’s Gaming Channel on surviving subclasses.
  • Representation matters, especially in Destiny!
  • What we’re digging from the opening cinematics…
  • What we want to see more of in Destiny 2
  • What’s with the salt on Forums and Facebook Discussion Boards?
  • Tee gives good Lance Reddrick.

14:20 — Washington Metropolitan Gamers’s Symphony Orchestra on Twitch

15:01 — The Reveal of Destiny 2 (Part Two)

  • You were expecting this show to be a half an hour? This is the Destiny 2 reveal, thank you VERY much!
  • More about the Red Legion and their leader, Gary…
  • And ObiOrion brings the gravitas to Happy Hour from the Tower.
  • Where’s Eris Morn?
  • Speculating on what happens after the “Homecoming” mission…
  • If Orion had that armor, he would be wearing the new armor.
  • Does your power come from Experience or Light?
  • Tee needs to practice a bit at the jumping for Destiny 2
  • Nick features the new maps coming in September
    • On Earth, we rendezvous at the European Dead Zone
    • On Nessus (Cayde-6’s hideout)
    • Saturn’s moon, Titan (Zavala’s hideout)
    • Jupiter’s Io (Ikora’s hideout)
    • …and getting from place to place has gotten a touch easier.
  • Destiny 2 introduces sidequests into the mix.
  • Tee’s theory as to why Guardians never had a map in Destiny 1.
  • Tee owns his inability to navigate current maps in game.
  • Changes in The Crucible
    • All matches are 4v4
    • Ron’s take on it: Destiny now compels players to work harder.
    • Coordination will be key
    • The H.U.D. is even more effective and dangerous…
  • We’re not going to let Nick slink away from the Crucible this go-round…
  • Nick covers changes in Social Matchmaking.
  • Bungie wants people to play in Fireteams.
  • And the Beta is coming….when?
  • Another break…but Nick gets in the last word.

31:14 —  The Phil Rossi Experience

32:24 — The Reveal of Destiny 2 (Part Three)

  • Nope…we’re not done. We’re NOT — DONE.
  • The new subclasses have some great abilities that encourage cooperative play.
  • Some Warlock love featured in the new Strike! (Love your Warlocks!)
  • Can we just take some time and enjoy the world designed for us?
  • Reflections on the Vault of Glass…
  • The debate between Dedicated and Peer-to-Peer Servers
    • No love for Division on this podcast, apparently…
    • Connections are a bit of a dice roll with Peer-to-Peer connections
    • Why would Bungie fix something that isn’t broken…for them?
  • Nick continues his descent into Destiny’s Grimlore
    • The backstory of SIVA
    • A Hardcore Destiny Guardian has collected all the cards and created bound volumes.
    • What happens when you go exploring in the Plaguelands…
    • Tee’s #DestinyGoals: Writing a tie-in novel.
  • Shout-out the THIS GUY in the audience…
    You, sir, are Legend!
  • Closing thoughts. Finally
    • Tee draws a line in the sand. Truly, he does.
    • Some thoughts on the Defender subclass
    • Zavala’s moment in the opening cinematic
    • No, seriously, Ron wants to know where is Eris Morn?
  • One more segment to go…

46:48 — The Shared Desk

47:48 — Feedback & Tee’s Raid Revelations

  • Yikes! We’re still going!!!
  • #IMissMyDinklebot
  • Listener Email from TurtleSnake75…in Germany!
  • Listener Voicemail from our Fireteam’s own WikiReedia! (The one and only, Nobilis Reed.)
  • And now comes to the reveal as to how all this ties in with Tee’s surprise…but Nick steals the thunder momentarily with some lovely art for the studio!”
  • Tee’s big reveal: He got busy last week.
  • Mad love to ZGPhoto (Zac) and the Photobombers on Twitch!
  • Are you curious as to what Tee got up to? Well, guess what — this adventure was broadcast on Twitch for all to see.
  • Tee waited for the call from Team Leader ZG of “A good effort, but you’re done…” but nevertheless, the Photobombers persisted.
  • When Tee found his groove, he found it in Wrath of the Machine…but when he didn’t…
  • Then there were the directional challenges.
  • And in the end, we made it the final phase only to be outdone by Bungie.
  • Tee’s Revelations
    • Destiny’s Community rocks my world hard.
    • Zac and the Photobombers were patient, kind, and good guys—all of them.
    • Tee’s been playing Destiny all wrong.
      • He needs to master jumping.
      • “Wrong Way” needs to end. Now.
      • He’s got two months…and a standing invitation to return to the Wrath of the Machine Raid with ZGPhoto.
    • Another Takeaway: Watching the Raid is not the same as running the Raid.
    • Practice, practice, practice…
    • Thanks again, Zac.
  • Now it’s time to get practicing.
  • Remember, we want to hear from you…
    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • We need to have Ron on more often…

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Episode #003: The First Week of Age of Triumph and Destiny 2

Episode #003 of Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast was not supposed to happen for another week but let’s be honest— Bungie had a pretty jam packed week last week and we needed to get back to the Tower and talk about it.

What a week, indeed!

00:00 — Introduction

  • How about those new drop-in’s?
  • This is so NOT a weekly podcast…
  • …but HOLY HANNAH IN A HELICOPTER, Bungie is keeping us busy!

2:05 — The Age of Triumph: Week One 

  • So what do we think?
    • Nick’s got some catching up to do…
    • What is up with that “From the Beginning” accomplishment?!
    • Tee sums up the Age of Triumph.
  • Brandon is closing in to the coveted 400 Light Level with his Huntress after five days. Five. Days.
  • Shout out to Obi Orion!
  • Inching closer to our own six-person fireteam…
  • Tee hopped on to Twitch to celebrate AoT…
  • Whatever Tee is drinking, he’s having a wild ride with this episode.
  • With the Husk of the Pit, Tee was making poor Destiny choices.
  • Brandon is a man of few words…
  • Nick’s First Impression: Don’t leave the house without your Sunbreaker!
  • Brandon was getting a lot of Ogre Love.
  • Where was Vin Diesel on today’s strike?
  • Tee learns something new about rocket launchers from OneActual on Twitch
  • Age of Triumph, baby — it’s on!

13:25 — The Steamrollers Adventure Podcast

 14:36 — Destiny 2: Electric Boogalloo

  • On the FIRST TAKE…
  • Summing up Tee’s misadventures today…
  • When you need to mine for loot…
    • Tee and Nick prefer Archon’s Forge.
    • Brandon is all about the Crucible.
    • Quick Tip for the Crucible: How’s your Three of Coins stash?
  • So you think people are digging Cayde-6?
  • Who doesn’t love the SweeperBot?
  • Thoughts on the teaser trailer and then the trailer for Destiny 2
  • How can you purchase Destiny 2?
  • Have you picked up a Cayde-6 from GameStop yet?
    • What we know about Destiny 2?
      • The Tower has fallen.
      • When heading into the hot zones, get ready to go Cabals-deep!
      • Bungie’s word on the importing of characters.
      • Destiny 1 is not going anywhere soon, but no new content after AoT.
      • A few other upgrades to the game itself.
      • PC Gamers are jumping into the Cosmodrome on Day One.
    • Remember— April 1: Don’t believe anything you read on the Internet.
    • The Internet has got this. Seriously.
    • Want to share your thoughts with the Tower?
      • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
      • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
    • Shout out to the Headshots podcast!

Signing off from the Tower…

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