Episode #021: A Leviathan Raid Review

We may be going long on this episode of Happy Hour from the Tower because last week, our own TeeMonster headed into the belly of the beast with Lulusoccer and pulled off a raid.

Yes, Tee successfully survived the Leviathan!

While Nick has questions and Brandon tries on various shades of green, the guys shadow-step with Tee through the first raid of Destiny 2. In the second half of the show, we also look at a conversation floating through the Destiny community about the state of the game after its first month. Does it have staying power? Hear what the guys have to say on that.

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0:00 — Introduction

  • Showing a little love for Failsafe, our new favorite NPC.
  • Tee admits how Peter Dinklage would not work as the voice of your Ghost in Destiny 2.
  • Congratulations, Dead Orbit…you freakin’ Space Goths.

3:14 — Episode #021: A Leviathan Raid Review

  • Congratulations all around.
  • Wait, did Brandon do something that is more on par with Tee’s approach to Destiny?
  • Tee’s adventure alongside LuluSoccer in the Leviathan Raid
  • Tee’s Early Morning Twitch Streamit’s a thing now!
  • So let’s talk about that Leviathan Raid…
    • Tee felt pretty good about the Raid. The follow up was when he freaked out.
    • Running time for the Leviathan? Somewhere in the two-three hour window.
    • The Baths: One minor hiccup reminiscent of Monty Python, but then Tee was solid.
    • The Gauntlet: Wait, you want me to do what?!
      • Run, Barry. Run!
      • And Tee’s heart rate was up going into the Boss Battle.
    • The Thorne Room: Tee’s Chariots of Fire Moment
    • The Grinder: This was Tee’s traumatic moment…and the Raid was already done! 
  • Why Tee was completely blown away by the Leviathan
    • The team dynamic
    • The fault in Bungie’s Guided Games
    • Brandon doesn’t get Trolly McTroll, but they are out there.
    • Fortunately, trolls are in the minority in the Destiny community

18:03 — The P.I.Y. Workshop 2017, presented by Tee Morris & Chuck Tomasi of Podcasting for Dummies, 3rd Edition

18:43 — Episode #021: A Leviathan Raid Review (Part 2)

  • Seriously? Tee was the first in the Clan to do it?
  • If you are looking for Raid tips and more, check out…
  • The Throne Room Battle
    • SPOILER ALERT!!! (Fast forward to 21:35 to avoid any spoilers from the Raid’s finale.)
    • Who is Emperor Calus?
    • How do you start the boss fight? It’s pretty cool.
    • A very clever touch of storytelling. Well done, Bungie.
    • Nick Kelly, everyone. Don’t forget to tip your servers…
  • The Leviathan in a Nutshell: The mechanics of King’s Fall with the pace of Wrath of the Machine

22:48 — Guardian Feedback

  • Quick aside, check out Nick’s new threads from Bungie…
  • Tee came across a comment from the Bungie’s Destiny 2: The Community Group on Facebook
    • A “casual gamer” cries “Foul!” on the more difficult challenges of Destiny 2
    • Destiny Power Player Datto shares his own thoughts.
    • New hashtag: #LootPinata
  • So here are a few thoughts from us…
    • The new mechanics do make things easier for a casual audience because this is a business.
    • This is reminiscent of SMOFs whining about new fans at conventions.
    • “Casual Gamers” are not always a bad thing.
    • 3vil_Aura has voiced concern about the game already being over and done, but is that fair considering the level of gamer that he is?
    • The disconnect with Tee and Brandon: In Destiny 2, there is always something to do! The grind is in the design, and it is fun!
  • We have all played Destiny 2 in this first month of the game as opposed to the last six months with Destiny for various reasons.
  • Tee and nick are not cool with the new “participation trophies” in Destiny 2, as Datto commented on.
  • Hey, Michi — we need to pair up Turtle Jr. with Thermal…
  • There is just as much to do for casual gamers as there is for the higher level players.
  • Nick’s biggest aggravation: Asher Mir. (He’s a jerk.)
  • Hey — we got our first review on iTunes!!!
  • And here’s your dose of Guardian Goofiness until the next show…
  • Holy Hannah in a Hovercraft, that was fun! What did you think?
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    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
  • Brandon is counting down to Destiny 2’s Iron Banner! DAT ARMOR, DOH…
  • See you in two weeks!

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Episode #018: Destiny 1 As Beta (with special guest, ZG Photo!)

So…Twitch streamer ZGPhoto

Can’t get rid of the guy…

…and that’s fine by us!

Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast brings you right up to the eve of Destiny 2 with a look back on Destiny, featuring ZGPhoto. Now you remember Zack? We apparently didn’t scare or piss off the seasoned Guardian after his interview as he elected to stick around for another show…and we’re more than okay with our guest Guardian chiming in on the idea of Destiny being a giant Beta for the game about to drop within 24 hours!

Truth be told, we had a grand time with Zack back in Episode #17, and it is a little unsettling how well he fits in with us at the Tower. Who knows? I think a live podcast from GuardianCon may be in order!

Got a question for Zack or the Guardians at the Tower? Give us feedback at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • ZG fits so well into the HHFTT crew, we already have a drop-in set aside, just for him!
  • Even with Vegas crud, Nick cannot duplicate Coach’s homage to Ghaul.
  • Nick and Brandon are not making recording in their studio any easier.
  • Long distance does nothing to dampen Zack’s comic timing.

2:07 — Episode #018: Destiny 1 As Beta (with special guest, ZGPhoto)

  • Great minds think alike.
  • Wow. Tee talks like he shoots: sloppily and all over the target.
  • From Zack’s perspective, the early days of Destiny felt like a test. A long test, one grind at a time.
  • Nick may not be the PvP or Raid Aficionado, but when it comes to Lore…
  • A distinct improvement between Destiny 2 Beta and Destiny 1: the storytelling.
  • And what a shame with the wasted voice talent behind The Stranger. (See our voice talent episode for more on that.)
  • Returning to the debate of Dinklebot vs Nolanbot
  • The show’s hardcore gamer, Brandon, chimes in with his own thoughts on Destiny 2 and how the Destiny 1 journey unfolds.
    • Of course Destiny 2 looks like Destiny 1. It’s a sequel, after all.
    • Tee lets his Warlock Elitism show. Again.
    • Haters: Complaining just to complain.
    • We want the same thing as before…but bigger and better.

14:09— GameStop of Innovation Center (Manassas, Virginia)

14:45 — Destiny in the News and Wrapping Up (with special guest, ZGPhoto)

  • Tee didn’t even have to drop the prompt. Zack’s got this!
  • Jumping back to focus on ZGPhoto and his Twitch stream (which you should be watching…)
  • Destiny in the News
  • Oh, wait a minute, one more question for Zack…
    • The origin story of the Photobombers
    • When finding a niche, find something that flows.
  • Some side-love for MAGFest as we talk about #DestinyGoals and GuardianCon 2018
  • What about the Raid Clinic Zack and James Werk host? Will that be returning for Destiny 2?
    • And why Zack is trying to avoid any of the spoilery Destiny 2 rumors and news pre-release.
    • Plans are in play for the next incarnation of Zack’s and James’ Raid Clinics
  • Considering “Public Clans” and “Guided Games” options coming with Destiny 2
  • Hard lessons learned from Destiny
  • Let us know what you think of the Destiny experience and how Destiny 2 is treating you!
    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
    • And make sure to leave us a review on iTunes! Let people know about this podcast.
  • Where to find ZG…
  • Having Twitch streamers in studio is good fun. Cool stuff happens.

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