Episode #013 — All About the Beta! (Part Two: The Crucible)

Welcome – welcome – welcome to Part 2 of our special in-depth look at the Destiny 2 Beta which concluded just last week! Hard to believe, but yep, a week ago we were getting a look at what’s coming in September. So to celebrate, we are changing up our show schedule for the time being and going weekly with a special deep dive into the Beta.

This week, your Guardians (except for Nick who is preoccupied with Twitter now) are talking about what they liked — and what they didn’t like — in The Crucible. We’re taking about the new 4v4 approach as well as the new “Countdown” Elimination game.

Sound off, Guardians! What are your thoughts on the new Crucible? What do you think needs work? Talk to us at 703.791.1701 (reachable through WhatsApp now) or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction 

  • We’re back for more!
    • Tee throws Nova Bombs when he gets grumpy.
    • Nick, dammit, would you put down your Twitter?
    • Coach V. Ghaul: Who would walk away?
  • Coach says go here to see how multi-lingual Ghaul is!
  • What happens when the Kellys and Tee get slap-happy in Destiny.

02:51 — Episode #013: All About the Beta! (Part Two — The Crucible)

  • We’re switching gears from the first show to focus on The Crucible.
    • Nick’s out. Busy on Twitter.
    • Now Brandon no longer has to sing a drop-in.
    • Inappropriate movie quoting at work with Nick Kelly
  • Two Flavors of The Crucible
    • Control
    • Countdown (Competitive)
  • The discussion over the controversial 4 v 4 Crucible
    • Ron’s got strong opposition to it.
    • Parallels with Destiny 2’s new Crucible and the H1Z1 eSports Competition Tee watched.
    • Aaaaaand Tee goes off and says something WAY OUT OF BOUNDS….
    • Okay, we’ve jumped the rails here…
  • Quick shout-out from Spartan Jenzii about Destiny 2
  • Is there really a problem with team shooting in The Crucible?
  • Brandon’s review of Countdown
  • But Tee is digging the new approach. It should be about team play, right?
    • What happens when Hunters gather together in Control…
    • Compelling people to play as a team. A good thing? Or no?
    • There is irony in that the Endless Vale is actually quite tiny.
    • Will there be a place for the solo player in PvP?
  • And the Nick/Courtenay/#BlondeSolo sage continues…

11:58 — GameStop of Innovation Center (Manassas, Virginia)

12:38  —Episode #013: All About the Beta! (Part Two — The Crucible)

  • So Nick is done with The Crucible…but not with Twitter…
  • Thank you, Coach, for getting us back on track!
    • Silence does not work well in podcasting, guys!
    • Changes in what is considered “Power” weapons
    • Protect Your Cleric!
  • Elitism? We have it here, sure…
  • The style of Power Ammo drops Tee digs that in the new “Countdown” game.
  • How we review Countdown
    • There are pluses…and minuses.
    • Similarities and differences between Countdown and Trials.
  • A detour on Ghost Hunting and Age of Triumph challenges…
  • The different approach to Countdown as opposed to Control
  • Guardians that care only about K/D and how that comes into play with 4v4 PvP
  • Guardians, what do you think of the new rules of The Crucible?
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  • Where to find us online…

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Episode #006: Baby’s First (Successful) Raid

If you’ve been tracking with us on Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast then you know that Brandon, Nick, and Tee have never been on a Raid.

Check that — never been on a successful Raid.

When Bungie revealed their new armor for the Age of Triumph, the guys knew they had to up their game, one Raid at a time; and recently, Tee and Brandon got a fireteam together and headed into the original (vanilla) edition of Vault of Glass.

Here’s how things went…

Share with us your own favorite (or least favorite) Raids at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to share them with the Guardians on the show!

00:00 — Introduction

  • Nick has his own soundtrack. Did you know that?
  • Brandon kills Demigods for the fun of it.
  • If Orion is the foundation, then Brandon is the gravel.
  • #TankLife
  • #DieOmnigoulDie

3:15 — Baby’s First (Successful) Raid

  • Holy Cow — we completed a Raid! And yet Brandon’s salty about it…
  • Nick did not join Tee and Brandon on this Raid. Our team included…
    • WikiReedia (never completed a Raid)
    • TheTeeMonster (never completed a Raid)
    • Th3rmalw0lff (never completed a Raid)
    • Nitrolad (Veteran of Raids)
    • ObiOrion (Veteran of Raids)
    • ZoneMudKip (Veteran of Raids)
  • Heading into the Vault of Glass, we — looked — great!
  • The Vault of Glass with Nick Kelly as EmCee
    • Digging into the Grimlore about the Vault via the Destiny app…
    • Six Guardians total
    • Brandon’s first Raid, depicted with drop-in’s
    • Subclass Breakdown
    • Nobilis’ strategy, similar to OneActual’s on Twitch: Have a Defender on call.
  • A few words on Sherpas
    • What makes a bad Sherpa
    • What makes a good Sherpa
    • Shameless plug for Rev3
    • ObiOrion, ZoneMudkip, and Miss Anubis — ideal Sherpas
  • Brandon is jonesing for that AoT Vault of glass armour.
  • Tee faces a nasty jumping puzzle that eats away at his final nerve….
  • Why did we go with Vault of Glass?

15:27 — Nutty Bites

16:07 — Baby’s First (Successful) Raid: Part Two

  • Why did we go with Vault of Glass? (continued)
    • Nick will get to do a Raid…eventually.
  • Could we do this again at 390?
    • Well, maybe?
    • Tee wants a Light buffer before giving it a shot.
    • If Orion had that armor, he would be wearing the new armor.
  • So, how did we get along?
  • The Key to Raid Success: Communication and Coordination
    • Tee learned a lot when watching an H1Z1 Event.
    • On OneActual’s feed, one person is making the call.
    • Another #DestinyGoal: A chain of command.
  • Vault of Glass’ Boss Battle: Atheon
    • Just let Brandon do his thing…
  • Was the Raid worth it?
    • Did WikiReedia have somewhere else to be?
    • Enjoy the scenery…
    • Anyone else think the Vault looks like this?
    • The adrenaline crash is nuts!
  • What’s next?
    • Please avoid “easy” when describing these Raids…
    • Leaning towards Crota’s End…
  • What is your favorite Raid? LET US KNOW!
    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • Brandon sounds so sad. Cheer him up, will you?

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