Episode #022: Destiny 101 (Welcome PC Gamers!)

What a day on Happy Hour from the Tower! First, it’s Reset Tuesday so it is time for new Flashpoints, new challenges, a new Call to Arms, a new Nightfall, and new starting points in Raids.

Know what else is new? PC Users are now online with Destiny 2!

Welcome aboard, PC Gamers! We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Tower, and we hope it’ll be worth the wait!

Now there have been a lot of questions flying back and forth on Twitch about whether or not Destiny 2 is a worthwhile game. We think it is, and this is the show that’s going to tell you why. Whether you are a new PC Gamer jumping in Cabals deep, or a console player curious about the hype, the Guardians are here to tell you why they keep coming back to Destiny 2.

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0:00 — Introduction

  • There’s always room for Charlie Brown in Destiny.
  • Some love for Lance Reddick. You remember him from our Voice Talent episode

2:04 — Episode #022: Destiny 101 (Welcome PC Gamers!)

  • Destiny has been out for a month (and some change…), and maybe you are wondering “What’s It All About?” So, from the top…
  • What you need to know from Destiny the First
    • Nothing really. You can start Destiny 2 cold.
    • For veteran players, there are moments of reflections from previous accomplishments.
    • Nick does have a bit of concern about the tone “Homecoming” sets. No, it does lighten up.
  • Who are the Traveler and the Speaker in Destiny?
  • What’s the Tower, and who are the Vanguard?
  • First mention of Stacia Kelly, the #OnlyDelightfulWarlock (That’s a dig on Tee and Ron…)
  • What’s out there waiting for us Guardians?
    • The Fallen
    • The Cabal
    • The Hive
    • The Taken
  • The PVP of Destiny 2: The Crucible
  • What’s with this whole “Light” thing from the Traveler? Why is it so important?
  • Hold on — Guardians have special powers?
    • Some are powers that help you, but there are others that help your team.
    • Brandon insists on splitting hairs at this point.
  • The Red Legion Invasion is only the start…
    • Get your Light back
    • Get the band back together
    • Brandon doesn’t get Trolly McTroll, but they are out there.
    • Fortunately, trolls are in the minority in the Destiny community

18:09 — The P.I.Y. Workshop 2017, presented by Tee Morris & Chuck Tomasi of Podcasting for Dummies, 3rd Edition

19:16 —Episode #022: Destiny 101 (Part 2)

  • Let’s talk about our individual approaches to Destiny 2.
  • Quick Sidenote: How does Brandon think that Destiny 2 performs on the PC?
    • He plays on the PSN for the social aspect of it. (He really does love us.)
    • Brandon’s admitting to the learning curve on the keyboard, but he could make the jump.
  • Lot of details are popping in this game, especially in the visuals.
  • Tee is approaching the Storyline along with the Adventures, and he found himself leveling up quickly.
  • Ron was doing a casual tour of Destiny 2 until he discovered that Tee was way ahead of him…
  • Tee’s budgeting time in the morning for the game. (Something Tee never did in the D1 years.) Join him in his Early Morning Twitch Stream where he’s still getting things done.
  • Nick is enjoying the D2 experience strictly for the social experience!
  • The best advice for Destiny 2: Take your time.
  • Shout out to Big Show, avid Destiny player!
  • Know what else is cool? New Destiny Swag!
  • Closing thoughts on Destiny 2
    • Switch up those weapons. Have favorites, but switch ‘em up!
    • Nick recommends having a fully charged controller in the wings.
    • Brandon shows bias.
  • And Brandon gives the Creative Commons tag another try…

37:47 — From the Blooper Reel

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Episode #018: Destiny 1 As Beta (with special guest, ZG Photo!)

So…Twitch streamer ZGPhoto

Can’t get rid of the guy…

…and that’s fine by us!

Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast brings you right up to the eve of Destiny 2 with a look back on Destiny, featuring ZGPhoto. Now you remember Zack? We apparently didn’t scare or piss off the seasoned Guardian after his interview as he elected to stick around for another show…and we’re more than okay with our guest Guardian chiming in on the idea of Destiny being a giant Beta for the game about to drop within 24 hours!

Truth be told, we had a grand time with Zack back in Episode #17, and it is a little unsettling how well he fits in with us at the Tower. Who knows? I think a live podcast from GuardianCon may be in order!

Got a question for Zack or the Guardians at the Tower? Give us feedback at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • ZG fits so well into the HHFTT crew, we already have a drop-in set aside, just for him!
  • Even with Vegas crud, Nick cannot duplicate Coach’s homage to Ghaul.
  • Nick and Brandon are not making recording in their studio any easier.
  • Long distance does nothing to dampen Zack’s comic timing.

2:07 — Episode #018: Destiny 1 As Beta (with special guest, ZGPhoto)

  • Great minds think alike.
  • Wow. Tee talks like he shoots: sloppily and all over the target.
  • From Zack’s perspective, the early days of Destiny felt like a test. A long test, one grind at a time.
  • Nick may not be the PvP or Raid Aficionado, but when it comes to Lore…
  • A distinct improvement between Destiny 2 Beta and Destiny 1: the storytelling.
  • And what a shame with the wasted voice talent behind The Stranger. (See our voice talent episode for more on that.)
  • Returning to the debate of Dinklebot vs Nolanbot
  • The show’s hardcore gamer, Brandon, chimes in with his own thoughts on Destiny 2 and how the Destiny 1 journey unfolds.
    • Of course Destiny 2 looks like Destiny 1. It’s a sequel, after all.
    • Tee lets his Warlock Elitism show. Again.
    • Haters: Complaining just to complain.
    • We want the same thing as before…but bigger and better.

14:09— GameStop of Innovation Center (Manassas, Virginia)

14:45 — Destiny in the News and Wrapping Up (with special guest, ZGPhoto)

  • Tee didn’t even have to drop the prompt. Zack’s got this!
  • Jumping back to focus on ZGPhoto and his Twitch stream (which you should be watching…)
  • Destiny in the News
  • Oh, wait a minute, one more question for Zack…
    • The origin story of the Photobombers
    • When finding a niche, find something that flows.
  • Some side-love for MAGFest as we talk about #DestinyGoals and GuardianCon 2018
  • What about the Raid Clinic Zack and James Werk host? Will that be returning for Destiny 2?
    • And why Zack is trying to avoid any of the spoilery Destiny 2 rumors and news pre-release.
    • Plans are in play for the next incarnation of Zack’s and James’ Raid Clinics
  • Considering “Public Clans” and “Guided Games” options coming with Destiny 2
  • Hard lessons learned from Destiny
  • Let us know what you think of the Destiny experience and how Destiny 2 is treating you!
    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
    • And make sure to leave us a review on iTunes! Let people know about this podcast.
  • Where to find ZG…
  • Having Twitch streamers in studio is good fun. Cool stuff happens.

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Episode #012: All About the Beta! (Part One — “Homecoming”)

Wasn’t that Destiny 2 Beta awesome?!

Okay, okay, okay, maybe not all Guardians would agree that the Beta was perfect, and even Nick, Brandon, Tee, and Ron would admit there were flaws.

It is a Beta, though.

Fresh from the experience, your Guardians are talking about what they liked — and what they didn’t like — in this week of awesome from Bungie. Instead of dropping all our thoughts in one massive show, we’ve got word from the Vanguards to run on a weekly schedule in order to take our time and enjoy our look at this incredible sneak peek at what’s coming on September 6th!

Sound off, Guardians! What were your favorite parts of the Destiny 2 Beta? What do you think needs work? Talk to us at 703.791.1701 (reachable through WhatsApp now) or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction 

  • Right — Let’s get some serious SEO accomplished here…
    • No, Coach. Don’t spoil the Punch Line!
    • The fans love Nathan Fillion!
    • Welcome to the Nathan Fillion Is Awesome! podcast. And did we mention that we love Nathan Fillion? We sure do!!!
  • Ron, you want to drive?
  • Tee Morris: Rant the First
  • We go hot with the mics…and NOW Nick wants to re-decorate!
  • Tee Morris: Rant the Second

02:45 — Episode #12: All About the Beta (Part One — “Homecoming”)

  • Tee can’t quite get the reveal of the Farm as a great way to end a Beta
  • There were some issues reminiscent of Destiny: Year One
    • Not this again? (No, thankfully…)
    • Problems logging on…
    • …for everyone except, Tee. Tee was patient. (For once.)
    • “Hey, Twitch Guy…I gotta go play! Thanks!”
  • Yeah, Tee took a whole day off from work for this. No regrets.
  • Nick, on the other hand, had bigger issues.
  • Tee streamed his experience! Take a look here at archived Twitch streams.
  • Brandon is our resident Beta expert, so we want to know how the Destiny 2 Beta compared to other Betas he played.
  • Nick doubles down over Ghaul: Ghaul’s a jackass!
  • Some other problems in the Beta
    • Cooldown times were ridiculous…but not if you ask Coach who has a different perspective on this.
    • The new abilities are very cool, provided you remember you have them.
    • Like it or not, this is part of “starting over” in Destiny 2.
    • Transitioning with the mechanics is a little tricky.
    • All weapons felt nerfed. Especially when Nick compares ballistic damage to punching aliens in the face.
  • Sadly though, Tee is still shooting like a stormtrooper.
  • Now that we’ve seen her fly, Nick has a new nickname for Amanda Holliday: #BlondeSolo

15:21 — GameStop of Innovation Center (Manassas, Virginia)

16:03  —Episode #12: All About the Beta (Part One — “Homecoming”)

  • How could I have startled Coach when he speaks to me this way in the Crucible?!
  • And Nick watches us nerd out…
  • So who else had all the Feelz when you reached out for your Ghost?
  • Let’s talk about “Homecoming”…
    Not this one…although it is a REALLY good movie!
  • The opening mission is extremely well-directed
    • Beautiful cinematography
    • More storytelling in this mission than in all in Year One of Destiny
    • DAT SCORE!!!
  • Dr. Stacia Kelly has a tough time walking through the Tower now
  • Tee has a theory about Sweeperbot.
  • Security Sentries seen everywhere in “Homecoming” and at The Farm.
  • So much to see walking through what remains of the Tower…
    • The tipped-over urn of Eris Morn
    • Did you see Shaxx’s Trophy Room?
    • The only banners still flying in the hangar: The Future War Cult
  • There’s too much for one show, so expect more installments just about the Beta experience.
  • Okay, let’s talk about Gary…
    • Nick still thinks he’s a jackass.
    • When Ghaul makes an entrance, nothing else matters. It’s a terrific villain for a terrific game.
    • Ghaul returns fear to the game.

25:05  — Guardian Feedback

  • All the way from the Great White north, Steve Saylor a/k/a The Blind Gamer, taking his first crack at Destiny with the Destiny 2 Beta!
    • Oh, Steve…what’s waiting for you…
    • Totally new to Destiny? Start with Destiny 2, or go back to the original?
  • Another voicemail, this one from Jonathan Jett-Parmer, going deep into the mechanics. AND SOME SERIOUS “COUNTDOWN” LOVE!
    • What is it with the hate for the Arcstrider? (I love it.)
    • Tee and Brandon go back and forth about the Sentinel’s super…
    • …and we discuss more mechanics that we should have a place to practice, but we didn’t have it.
    • Destiny 2 Beta. Not really for the lone wolf?
    • The purpose of a Beta: A Bug Hunt
  • Twitter feedback from Episode #011
    • A simple message…
    • …from an unexpected listener: #BlondeSolo herself, Courtenay Taylor
    • This is what happens when no one else but Tee checks the podcast’s Twitter account!
    • Nick may need a moment…
    • An appeal to #BlondeSolo to come on the show.
    • Why didn’t Shohreh Aghdashloo tweet Tee? Nick knows.
  • What did you think of the Beta? Let us know at…
    • Voicemail/WhatsApp — 703.791.1701 (And Brandon’s rolling his eyes about the “WhatsApp” connection. Whatev’s.)
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • Where to find us online…

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Episode #007: The Reveal of Destiny 2 and Tee’s Raid Revelations

Brace yourselves! This episode of Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast is YOUGE! BIGLY! SUPER-SIZED FOR YOUR PLEASURE!

Let’s just be honest here: We had a lot to say about that Twitch stream from Bungie!

We’re breaking down the big reveal from May 18 with Special Guardian Guest Ron Dauphin jumping in on the conversation.

And…wait…Tee’s got a reveal of his own? And it’s got something to do with the Listener Feedback? What’s he revealing to his fellow Fireteam mates?

Enjoy this double-sized engram, encoded with all sorts of thoughts, opinions, and feedback from Bungie’s big day! Share with us your own thoughts on the big changes, new storylines, and incredible surprises from Destiny 2 at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • Big nod to the Red Legion!
  • Nick sharing his love for Amanda while Brandon gives his most serious of faces.
  • Check it out — ObiOrion is in studio!
  • Let’s talk about May 18, 2017…IT WAS NICK’S BIRTHDAY!!!
  • But we think something else was going on that day…

1:52 — The Reveal of Destiny 2 (Part One)

  • Bungie unveiled Destiny 2 on Twitch…and Guardians were pretty happy about it.
  • Piper watched me watch the gameplay…and she loved it.
  • How many times did you watch the gameplay?
  • Do you feel the tension between the classes?
  • Reactions to “Homecoming” from the collected crew…
  • Sweeperbot FTW!!!
  • These Guardians were taking notes!
    • Celebrating the Best of Cayde-6
    • New Special Abilities: The Sentinel, the Dawnblade, and the Arcstrider
    • More news from Mr Fruit’s Gaming Channel on surviving subclasses.
  • Representation matters, especially in Destiny!
  • What we’re digging from the opening cinematics…
  • What we want to see more of in Destiny 2
  • What’s with the salt on Forums and Facebook Discussion Boards?
  • Tee gives good Lance Reddrick.

14:20 — Washington Metropolitan Gamers’s Symphony Orchestra on Twitch

15:01 — The Reveal of Destiny 2 (Part Two)

  • You were expecting this show to be a half an hour? This is the Destiny 2 reveal, thank you VERY much!
  • More about the Red Legion and their leader, Gary…
  • And ObiOrion brings the gravitas to Happy Hour from the Tower.
  • Where’s Eris Morn?
  • Speculating on what happens after the “Homecoming” mission…
  • If Orion had that armor, he would be wearing the new armor.
  • Does your power come from Experience or Light?
  • Tee needs to practice a bit at the jumping for Destiny 2
  • Nick features the new maps coming in September
    • On Earth, we rendezvous at the European Dead Zone
    • On Nessus (Cayde-6’s hideout)
    • Saturn’s moon, Titan (Zavala’s hideout)
    • Jupiter’s Io (Ikora’s hideout)
    • …and getting from place to place has gotten a touch easier.
  • Destiny 2 introduces sidequests into the mix.
  • Tee’s theory as to why Guardians never had a map in Destiny 1.
  • Tee owns his inability to navigate current maps in game.
  • Changes in The Crucible
    • All matches are 4v4
    • Ron’s take on it: Destiny now compels players to work harder.
    • Coordination will be key
    • The H.U.D. is even more effective and dangerous…
  • We’re not going to let Nick slink away from the Crucible this go-round…
  • Nick covers changes in Social Matchmaking.
  • Bungie wants people to play in Fireteams.
  • And the Beta is coming….when?
  • Another break…but Nick gets in the last word.

31:14 —  The Phil Rossi Experience

32:24 — The Reveal of Destiny 2 (Part Three)

  • Nope…we’re not done. We’re NOT — DONE.
  • The new subclasses have some great abilities that encourage cooperative play.
  • Some Warlock love featured in the new Strike! (Love your Warlocks!)
  • Can we just take some time and enjoy the world designed for us?
  • Reflections on the Vault of Glass…
  • The debate between Dedicated and Peer-to-Peer Servers
    • No love for Division on this podcast, apparently…
    • Connections are a bit of a dice roll with Peer-to-Peer connections
    • Why would Bungie fix something that isn’t broken…for them?
  • Nick continues his descent into Destiny’s Grimlore
    • The backstory of SIVA
    • A Hardcore Destiny Guardian has collected all the cards and created bound volumes.
    • What happens when you go exploring in the Plaguelands…
    • Tee’s #DestinyGoals: Writing a tie-in novel.
  • Shout-out the THIS GUY in the audience…
    You, sir, are Legend!
  • Closing thoughts. Finally
    • Tee draws a line in the sand. Truly, he does.
    • Some thoughts on the Defender subclass
    • Zavala’s moment in the opening cinematic
    • No, seriously, Ron wants to know where is Eris Morn?
  • One more segment to go…

46:48 — The Shared Desk

47:48 — Feedback & Tee’s Raid Revelations

  • Yikes! We’re still going!!!
  • #IMissMyDinklebot
  • Listener Email from TurtleSnake75…in Germany!
  • Listener Voicemail from our Fireteam’s own WikiReedia! (The one and only, Nobilis Reed.)
  • And now comes to the reveal as to how all this ties in with Tee’s surprise…but Nick steals the thunder momentarily with some lovely art for the studio!”
  • Tee’s big reveal: He got busy last week.
  • Mad love to ZGPhoto (Zac) and the Photobombers on Twitch!
  • Are you curious as to what Tee got up to? Well, guess what — this adventure was broadcast on Twitch for all to see.
  • Tee waited for the call from Team Leader ZG of “A good effort, but you’re done…” but nevertheless, the Photobombers persisted.
  • When Tee found his groove, he found it in Wrath of the Machine…but when he didn’t…
  • Then there were the directional challenges.
  • And in the end, we made it the final phase only to be outdone by Bungie.
  • Tee’s Revelations
    • Destiny’s Community rocks my world hard.
    • Zac and the Photobombers were patient, kind, and good guys—all of them.
    • Tee’s been playing Destiny all wrong.
      • He needs to master jumping.
      • “Wrong Way” needs to end. Now.
      • He’s got two months…and a standing invitation to return to the Wrath of the Machine Raid with ZGPhoto.
    • Another Takeaway: Watching the Raid is not the same as running the Raid.
    • Practice, practice, practice…
    • Thanks again, Zac.
  • Now it’s time to get practicing.
  • Remember, we want to hear from you…
    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • We need to have Ron on more often…

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