Episode #019: A Review of Destiny 2

It’s finally here!

Destiny 2 has arrived for PS4 and XBox (hang tight, PC players — it will be worth the wait!) and the Guardians from Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast are bringing you their spoiler-free review of the game that has been receiving stellar reviews across the board.

After a week (give or take a day) of gameplay, here’s what the Guardians think!

What are your thoughts on Destiny 2? Give us your own review (spoiler-free, please) at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • Nick is turned into a drop-in!
  • Brandon really should not have made that crack about Tee on the Geek Wolfpack Podcast.
  • Coach has returned!
  • And wow, did he ever pick a terrible time to move south!

2:00 — Episode #019: A Review of Destiny 2

  • Destiny 2 is here! Whoo-hoo!!!
  • Not many spoilers in this episode, we promise!
  • Where we are in both character development and progress in the storyline.
  • Overall thoughts from the Guardians on Destiny 2 
    • Shout-out to our last episode and our discussion with ZGPhoto on  Destiny as a Beta.
    • Brandon doubles down and states Destiny on its weakest day was not The Division.
    • Nick does the same, only with Iron Fist.
    • A lot more to do this go-around, not just with story but with the world on a whole.
  • There’s a show in the hopper that we may have to try and drop into the feed.
  • Even the villain is more active in this sequel.
  • And we creep up the precipice of spoilers, but manage to pull it back…
  • …but Tee steals a bit of Nick’s thunder totally by accident. (Did you know the Consul was this actor?)
  • The game’s most terrifying moment.
  • From Nick Kelly: Destiny 1 is Alien. Destiny 2 is Aliens.
  • Ron’s disappointment: Your Silent Character with a Ghost Interpreter
    • A subject also covered on Return to Orbit.
    • For Tee, it’s no big deal. For Cayde-6, it’s an Easter Egg.
  • Other little nods and touches throughout the new world.

17:22 — The P.I.Y. Workshop 2017, presented by Tee Morris & Chuck Tomasi of Podcasting for Dummies, 3rd Edition

18:28 — Episode #019: A Review of Destiny 2 (Part 2)

  • Still got it, even across the distance.
  • Tee goes nuts over the score of Destiny 2.
  • Let’s talk about voice talent
  • Mechanical Improvements in Destiny 2
    • Fast Travel — Brandon loves that!
    • A tiny touch in the Map that the Guardians are appreciating hard
    • Nice nod to Donkey Kong
    • Nick doesn’t have a problem with overkill from time to time.
    • A drop-in that we will no longer be playing on our show…
    • Improved Foley
    • Improved Public Events, and the benefits of Heroic Public Events
    • Some love for the Adventures
  •  What a ride! Worth the Wait!

29:20 — Destiny in the News & Closing Thoughts

  • The Family that raids together stays together! Check out Michi Gopp and his family!
  • Michi’s got advice for running into Germans in the Crucible…
  • News Item One: Curse of Osiris DLC leaks, Bungie Confirms It’s Legit
  • News Item Two: Here’s What’s Coming Up THIS MONTH in Destiny 2. (Just. This. Month.)
  • What are we looking forward to in Destiny 2?
  • THE BIG QUESTION: What Destiny 2 worth the wait?
  • Hope you have enjoyed the podcasting rally to launch week!
  • And Brandon gives the Creative Commons tag a try. Not as easy as he thought it would be…
  • Let us know what you think of the Destiny experience and how Destiny 2 is treating you!
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Eyes up, Guardian!
Time to give up the Ghost.

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Episode #012: All About the Beta! (Part One — “Homecoming”)

Wasn’t that Destiny 2 Beta awesome?!

Okay, okay, okay, maybe not all Guardians would agree that the Beta was perfect, and even Nick, Brandon, Tee, and Ron would admit there were flaws.

It is a Beta, though.

Fresh from the experience, your Guardians are talking about what they liked — and what they didn’t like — in this week of awesome from Bungie. Instead of dropping all our thoughts in one massive show, we’ve got word from the Vanguards to run on a weekly schedule in order to take our time and enjoy our look at this incredible sneak peek at what’s coming on September 6th!

Sound off, Guardians! What were your favorite parts of the Destiny 2 Beta? What do you think needs work? Talk to us at 703.791.1701 (reachable through WhatsApp now) or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction 

  • Right — Let’s get some serious SEO accomplished here…
    • No, Coach. Don’t spoil the Punch Line!
    • The fans love Nathan Fillion!
    • Welcome to the Nathan Fillion Is Awesome! podcast. And did we mention that we love Nathan Fillion? We sure do!!!
  • Ron, you want to drive?
  • Tee Morris: Rant the First
  • We go hot with the mics…and NOW Nick wants to re-decorate!
  • Tee Morris: Rant the Second

02:45 — Episode #12: All About the Beta (Part One — “Homecoming”)

  • Tee can’t quite get the reveal of the Farm as a great way to end a Beta
  • There were some issues reminiscent of Destiny: Year One
    • Not this again? (No, thankfully…)
    • Problems logging on…
    • …for everyone except, Tee. Tee was patient. (For once.)
    • “Hey, Twitch Guy…I gotta go play! Thanks!”
  • Yeah, Tee took a whole day off from work for this. No regrets.
  • Nick, on the other hand, had bigger issues.
  • Tee streamed his experience! Take a look here at archived Twitch streams.
  • Brandon is our resident Beta expert, so we want to know how the Destiny 2 Beta compared to other Betas he played.
  • Nick doubles down over Ghaul: Ghaul’s a jackass!
  • Some other problems in the Beta
    • Cooldown times were ridiculous…but not if you ask Coach who has a different perspective on this.
    • The new abilities are very cool, provided you remember you have them.
    • Like it or not, this is part of “starting over” in Destiny 2.
    • Transitioning with the mechanics is a little tricky.
    • All weapons felt nerfed. Especially when Nick compares ballistic damage to punching aliens in the face.
  • Sadly though, Tee is still shooting like a stormtrooper.
  • Now that we’ve seen her fly, Nick has a new nickname for Amanda Holliday: #BlondeSolo

15:21 — GameStop of Innovation Center (Manassas, Virginia)

16:03  —Episode #12: All About the Beta (Part One — “Homecoming”)

  • How could I have startled Coach when he speaks to me this way in the Crucible?!
  • And Nick watches us nerd out…
  • So who else had all the Feelz when you reached out for your Ghost?
  • Let’s talk about “Homecoming”…
    Not this one…although it is a REALLY good movie!
  • The opening mission is extremely well-directed
    • Beautiful cinematography
    • More storytelling in this mission than in all in Year One of Destiny
    • DAT SCORE!!!
  • Dr. Stacia Kelly has a tough time walking through the Tower now
  • Tee has a theory about Sweeperbot.
  • Security Sentries seen everywhere in “Homecoming” and at The Farm.
  • So much to see walking through what remains of the Tower…
    • The tipped-over urn of Eris Morn
    • Did you see Shaxx’s Trophy Room?
    • The only banners still flying in the hangar: The Future War Cult
  • There’s too much for one show, so expect more installments just about the Beta experience.
  • Okay, let’s talk about Gary…
    • Nick still thinks he’s a jackass.
    • When Ghaul makes an entrance, nothing else matters. It’s a terrific villain for a terrific game.
    • Ghaul returns fear to the game.

25:05  — Guardian Feedback

  • All the way from the Great White north, Steve Saylor a/k/a The Blind Gamer, taking his first crack at Destiny with the Destiny 2 Beta!
    • Oh, Steve…what’s waiting for you…
    • Totally new to Destiny? Start with Destiny 2, or go back to the original?
  • Another voicemail, this one from Jonathan Jett-Parmer, going deep into the mechanics. AND SOME SERIOUS “COUNTDOWN” LOVE!
    • What is it with the hate for the Arcstrider? (I love it.)
    • Tee and Brandon go back and forth about the Sentinel’s super…
    • …and we discuss more mechanics that we should have a place to practice, but we didn’t have it.
    • Destiny 2 Beta. Not really for the lone wolf?
    • The purpose of a Beta: A Bug Hunt
  • Twitter feedback from Episode #011
    • A simple message…
    • …from an unexpected listener: #BlondeSolo herself, Courtenay Taylor
    • This is what happens when no one else but Tee checks the podcast’s Twitter account!
    • Nick may need a moment…
    • An appeal to #BlondeSolo to come on the show.
    • Why didn’t Shohreh Aghdashloo tweet Tee? Nick knows.
  • What did you think of the Beta? Let us know at…
    • Voicemail/WhatsApp — 703.791.1701 (And Brandon’s rolling his eyes about the “WhatsApp” connection. Whatev’s.)
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • Where to find us online…

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Eyes up, Guardian!
Time to give up the Ghost.

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School Bands Getting in on Destiny

Special thanks to the continued great work by the folks over at GameRant.com. Kyle Sledge posted this article earlier this week featuring a middle school orchestra doing their rendition of the Cabal Stomp.

Game Rant’s article on the Cabal Stomp orchestra HERE.

As Kyle points out, this was originally posted by a Reddit user named “rediamnot” on Bungie’s official Destiny subreddit. It’s always amazing to see just how widespread the game’s popularity is, across generations and countries throughout the globe.


The article continues, pointing back to a 2-year old post from Game Rant contributor Sarah Fields. This post features an 8-minute video of the Guyer High School Wildcat Marching Band doing a full performance to music from Destiny. This isn’t new territory for the Wildcats, who, in 2012, performed an entire set to video game music. Songs included medleys from Tetris, Pokemon, and Halo. 

The Wildcat Destiny Musical Article from Game Rant here.

Music has always played a big role in Destiny, with a wonderful soundtrack supporting the game play. Back in 2014, Sir Paul McCartney even released an accompanying song, titled “Hope for the Future.” It marked the first time that the former Beatle had composed for a video game. To celebrate the song’s release, McCartney even created his own Guardian for the game.

Sir Paul McCartney’s Guardian