Episode #020: An Interview with LuluSoccer

Welcome to the twentieth episode of Happy Hour from the Tower, and have we got a show for you! It’s always nice when you have a guest on who takes advantage of when hosts say “We usually go for half an hour, but if we go long, we go long…” because Destiny power player LuluSoccer did just that!

Welcome to this super-sized episode a life-long gamer whose charm, wit, and grace are impossible to deny. It’s LuluSoccer on Happy Hour from the Tower!

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00:00 — Introduction

  • With all of Tee’s prep for this episode, he forgot to ask one thing…
  • The Guardians know about Lulusoccer, but Tee is kind of a fanboi.
  • What would happen if Tee had completely flubbed this intro? (HINT: Do over!!!)

2:04 — Episode #020: An Interview with LuluSoccer

  • A quick history of Lulu’s Legendaries and what you can find on her Twitch stream.
  • Watching Lulu play, you learn one simple rule: LULU IS SAVAGE!
    • Tee’s story on how he found out about Lulu’s prowess behind a controller…
    • Lulu has been gaming for a LONG time.
    • Her first gaming system: A Nintendo NES
    • And there is the competitive streak amongst siblings.
  • Apart from Destiny, some other games you might see on Lulu’s feed…
  • Nick is still struggling with Twitch and its chat window feature. He was scarred after his introduction through Bungie.
  • So what brought Lulu to Destiny?
    • It all started on a little game called Halo…
    • Destiny served as Lulu’s gateway into online gameplay.
  • Nick is slaying Tee in studio…
  • How Lulu ranks Raids, PVP, and story campaigns
    • What is this “Drunken Raid” you speak of?
    • Still working through the new PvP dynamic 
    • It’s nice to have stuff to do in Destiny 2 where you can chill out…
  • Brandon, Y U TALK OVR BUMPR?!?!?

15:25 — The P.I.Y. Workshop 2017, presented by Tee Morris & Chuck Tomasi of Podcasting for Dummies, 3rd Edition

16:05 — Episode #020: An Interview with LuluSoccer (Part 2)

  • Lulu’s got the gist of the show!
  • Female gamers—especially ones as good as Lulu—are targets for toxic players who are feeling brave behind a keyboard.
    • How does Lulu manage the trolls?
    • Many of them work through Whispers (DMs) on Twitch.
    • Lulu and her mods work together to keep the stream positive.
    • Even the Destiny community nurses its fair share of jerks, but on a whole? Good people make the best Guardians.
    • Nick and Tee share their own stories about their significant others and games.
    • Quick shout-out to Raza that led to this interview.
  • Much like with Zack, there are challenges in hosting raids, especially with people that you have never run with before that moment.
  • Breaking down the strengths of each Guardians on the show…
  • What makes Destiny 2 so much fun for Lulu?
    • The Leviathan Raid which offers a sense of wonder…
    • …and now a sense of economy as Lulu devours the Leviathan Raid.
    • The Pleasure Gardens was a challenge though.
    • Cracking the mechanics of a raid also unlocks the fun of a raid.
  • We should be wrapping up the show…but this is too much fun!

31:03 — Headshots

32:29 — Episode #020: An Interview with LuluSoccer (Part 3)

  • Nick trips up on his rejoiner. He blames football.
  • Wait a minute — back to Lulu…
  • No, we’re not talking about rugby or football. We’re talking about GuardianCon!
    • So what is it again?
    • We are going to name-drop HARD to get into it!
    • And Lulu recommends it! She knows cons as she’s a veteran of TwitchCon.
    • There’s a lot of hugging, and — according to Tiddlywinks — lots of butt-grabbing…
  • Lulu is not only saving lives in the Last City, she’s saving lives in the real world!
    • Lulu’s road to becoming a nurse.
    • Bringing the best of both worlds together as Lulu’s wing offer video games to their patients.
    • Lulu also applies those leadership skills from Destiny to her nurses.
    • Games for Change should be talking to Lulu, we think…
  • Lulu’s advice or strategy for anyone new to Destiny
    • Play the story mission first.
    • Get to know your fellow Guardians.

42:14 — Destiny in the News & Closing Thoughts

  • Turns out that Tee and Lulu share a love for the Dinklage, and not just in Destiny
  • …and somehow the Guardians go on a Defenders tangent. Wait, what?
  • News Item One:  The Faction Rally Has Begun!
  • News Item Two:  Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown turns Destiny 2 emote into a touchdown dance
    • Lulu’s favorite emote? The one she doesn’t have…
    • Brandon’s a little salty.
  • News Item Three:  Tee had a tough call to make with Funko Pops, and he chose his Vanguard, Ikora. Well, Nick and Brandon surprise Tee with…
  • Tee shares his own gateway to Destiny story.
  • Where to find LuluSoccer
  • Holy Hannah in a Hovercraft, that was fun! What did you think?
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    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
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  • And Brandon gives the Creative Commons tag another go…and he sticks the landing!

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Episode #016: Gameplay Review with Tee Morris

We’re continuing our celebration of the Destiny 2 Beta and the upcoming release of Destiny 2 on September 6 with another video episode featuring gameplay breakdown.

This time, Tee takes you into the Crucible’s Control, a mode of Player v Player (PvP) where two teams battle for control of three designated zones on a map. This breakdown also doubles as side-by-side comparison between Destiny and the upcoming Destiny 2.

Want to see more gameplay from us? Let us know what you think at 703.791.1701 (reachable through WhatsApp) or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

Remember to leave us a comment or questions
for the show at 703.791.1701, or here at the blog.
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Iron Banner

So this week the Iron Banner is back in action, and the gamemode is Mayhem Clash. So that’s fun! Here’s some rules and things I’ve learned from playing the Iron Banner Mayhem Clash.


Rule #1
Fighting a Stormcaller is pretty difficult when you’re a Stormcaller yourself.

Rule #2
If you hear a Hammer of Sol, run for your life.

Rule #3
Grenade… Melee…. Grenade…. Super…. Grenade…. Melee…

Rule #4
Grab as much Heavy ammo as possible… It can save you.

Rule #5
Grab those Banner bounties, they’re worth it.

Rule #6

It’s not a bad idea to stick with your teammates.    Unless they’re all Sunsingers

Episode #002: Welcome to the Age of Triumph!

Episode #002 of Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast is going “Cabals Deep” into what Bungie is calling their “Victory Lap” prior to the release of Destiny 2. Age of Triumph is a new record book—the biggest Bungie has ever released—and Tee, Nick, and Brandon are nostalgically looking ahead to what’s in store.

00:00 — Introduction

  • Once again? But this is our second episode.
  • Age of Triumph in one Twitch stream? Don’t be ridiculous…

1:32 — Welcome to the Age of Triumph 

  • This is the celebration from Bungie for Destiny.
    • Why Twitch is called Twitch, according to Nick…
    • A bit of the community is upset about all this new gear coming.
    • Let’s enjoy the Farewell Tour
  • Stream One: Let’s talk about RAIDS
    • Deej (David Dague), Community Manager
    • Ryan Paradis, Lead Designer
    • Joe Blackburn, Senior Raid Designer
  • All of Destiny’s raids are back…but there is a catch.
  • For any new Destiny players, what is a Raid?
  • Brandon discovers the hard way how matchmaking works: It doesn’t.
  • Horror Stories of Failed Raids
  • There is more to Age of Triumph other than Raids. Let’s talk about Strikes.
  • Smoked Meat analogies work for this game.
  • Stream Two: All About STRIKES and QUESTS
    • Deej (again)
    • Tim Williams, Story Developer from Rise of Iron
    • Joe Sifferman, Strike Developer
  • New weekly Quest Playlists
    • 12 steps to new treasures and cool stuff
    • Where is your Record Book? (Just in case you don’t know.)
    • This is a 12-Step Program that is no help whatsoever.
  • Treasures of the Ages: available at EverVerse or playing the AoT challenges.
  • A few notes on finding Silver Dust
  • Feeling the pain of the grind…
  • New Weekly Offerings
    • Challenge of Elders (Level 42 Arena)
    • Nightfall Strike (Level 42/380 Light)
    • Some Daybreak Modifier Love
  • Can you smell the nostalgia? We can.
  • Daybreak Modifier drops on Day 1…and we are counting down…
  • Nick’s Lament…

13:10 — Geek Radio Daily

14:11 — The Age of Triumph (Part Two)

  • When does this Age of Triumph madness begin today? Wait…TODAY?!
  • So how close are we to that coveted 390 Light Level? Yeah, about that…
  • Stream Three: All the GOODIES
    • Deej (as always)
    • Ian Macintosh, Artist
    • Josh Hammrick, Senior Designer.
  • Apparently, Deej is your huckleberry.
  • We do love MAGFest on this podcast.
  • The armor of the Age of Triumph is insane…
  • The Vault of Glass armor

    Brandon covets it, but Tee’s got issues.
  • Verizon will not be sponsoring this podcast anytime soon.
  • We also love Rev3 on this podcast.
  • The Crota’s End armor
  • And you know what’s another great analogy that works for Destiny?
  • The Wrath of the Machine: Age of Triumph Armor…

    Tee wants this. BAD.
  • Tee is continuing baby steps with his KinderGuardian…
  • The Moment of Triumph armor…sexay!

  • So how did Bungie pull this off without putting on additional demands on the consoles?
  • And then you have the Exotic weapons…
    • It’s great listening to Nick and Brandon covet gear.
    • Foreshadowing to Episode #3
  • Nick goes there…

23:06 — Guardian Feedback

  • Comments from the Cosmodrome already?!
    • A question from Steve Saylor, The Blind Gamer — Where to start on Destiny?
    • A comment from author P.C. Haring — Why do you play Destiny?
    • What happens when Guardians tie the knot? You get epic photos like this! (Props to Sandy Pataray/illbeyourpal on Xbox)

  • Want to share your thoughts with the Tower?
    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com

Signing off from the Tower…

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