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Episode #005: How Do You Play Destiny?

It’s that kind of Tuesday where Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast is live! Brandon, Nick, and Tee are talking this episode about how we play Destiny. There are different approaches to the game, and everyone has a favorite way to play. In the second half of the show, they discuss ways they can improve their game.

Have a listen and feel free to share with us your own approaches to the Cosmodrome, the Dreadnaught, or the Plaguelands at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com.

00:00 — Introduction

  • Tee is trying hard to make everybody feel good about the show in its infancy…
  • Carving out time for Destiny sucks when you adult on a regular basis.
  • Brandon inches closer and closer to 400 Light. (UPDATE: He made it Monday night.)
  • Who’s coming out on top? Cayde-6 or this guy?

3:30 — How Do You Play Destiny?

  • Nick sums up his style-of-play with the Titan succinctly. (#TankLife)
    • There are other classes out there for the Kellys, and their KinderGuardian is a Warlock
    • Nick’s Advice: Don’t play a Hunter like a Titan.
  • A quick visit from the Studio Cat. (One of them anyway…)
  • Where to find us on the PSN…
    • Nick Kelly — TBA
    • Brandon Kelly — Th3rmalw0lff
    • Tee Morris — TheTeeMonster
    • Nick and Tee are making Brandon squirm…
    • How does Brandon play?
      • One word — He’s a Baller.
      • Crucible Doubles is Brandon’s jam.
    • Nick likes to farm the Forge.
    • “Titan no jump good.”
    • Why Brandon prefers Nightstalker over Gunslinger
  • Tee’s approach to Destiny
    • Thanks to Nick, Tee’s working up the Defender with his Kinderguardian Titan.
    • Tee’s more confident with the Hunter in the Crucible, but he’s got mad-love for his Warlock.
    • Brandon hates the Warlock melee…especially when he’s on the other side of it.
    • Before anyone says it, yes, Tee knows the Telesto is a FUSION Rifle. He was buzzing hard off the Rev3.
  • Thanks, Clark Gregg.

15:07 — The Phil Rossi Experience

16:20 — How Can We Be Better Guardians?

  • We love this game…but what can we do better?
  • Tee volunteers as Tribute
    • When the E becomes a P, Tee’s aim makes him ready for the Imperial Armed Forces.
    • And here comes the hump-busting…
    • Tee’s other problem: He missed his calling and should have played Nick.
    • The Rage isn’t directed at other players. It’s all on me.
  • Sebastian (the Cat) returns, and loves on the plug bell.
  • Tee got an awakening about “aggressive styles” of playing when watching the H1Z1 Event.
  • What makes Tee unravel: The voices in his head(set).
  • Brandon’s Room for Improvement
    • Channeling an Inner Leroy…
    • Brandon hates Pulse Rifles and Shotguns.
    • SIDENOTE: Tee’s a sword guy.
  • Nick looks at where he can improve.
    • “Titan no jump good.”
    • Patience is a virtue….and a measure for how much Heavy Ammo synthesis you have.
    • Can Nick get over those jump puzzles? He’s confident.
    • #DestinyGoals 
  • How do you play Destiny?
    • Voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com

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One Comment

  1. Orion
    Orion May 8, 2017

    “Titan no jump good.” is an odd thing to say especially when it comes to the VoG jump puzzle as they can easily make the jump from the lower platform in a single bound and avoid the puzzle entirely.

    –Orion (The 4th person –not counting the cat — of the podcast) LOL

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