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Weekly Reset Details for May 9

May 9th brought us a new reset for the weekly activities during Age of Triumph. Here’s a quick update, credit goes to Sherif Syed over at VG 24/7:

Cerberus Vae 3 is the weekly strike. The modifiers are Berserk, Fresh Troops, Airborne, and Catapult.

Berserk prevents enemies from flinching, even after massive damage. Fresh Troops increases the number of enemies in some squads. Airborne increases the damage you deal while in the air. Catapult increase the recharge rate of your grenades.


Heroic playlist modifiers

Void Burn, Brawler, Chaff.

Crucible playlists

Zone Control.

Challenge of Elders

Airborne, Fresh Troops, Grenade Kill Bonus.

Round 1: Sylok, the Defiled (Hive)
Round 2: Pilot Servitor (Fallen)
Round 3: Seditious Mind (Vex)

Weekly featured raid

The featured raid this week is King’s Fall. Outside of the encounters you remember, all three challenges are active. Brush up on what you should do with this quick guide.

The guide also shows off the new loot you’ll be earning so you know what you’re working towards.

Get all of the information on this week’s raids, strikes, dailies and more HERE.


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