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School Bands Getting in on Destiny

Special thanks to the continued great work by the folks over at Kyle Sledge posted this article earlier this week featuring a middle school orchestra doing their rendition of the Cabal Stomp.

Game Rant’s article on the Cabal Stomp orchestra HERE.

As Kyle points out, this was originally posted by a Reddit user named “rediamnot” on Bungie’s official Destiny subreddit. It’s always amazing to see just how widespread the game’s popularity is, across generations and countries throughout the globe.


The article continues, pointing back to a 2-year old post from Game Rant contributor Sarah Fields. This post features an 8-minute video of the Guyer High School Wildcat Marching Band doing a full performance to music from Destiny. This isn’t new territory for the Wildcats, who, in 2012, performed an entire set to video game music. Songs included medleys from Tetris, Pokemon, and Halo. 

The Wildcat Destiny Musical Article from Game Rant here.

Music has always played a big role in Destiny, with a wonderful soundtrack supporting the game play. Back in 2014, Sir Paul McCartney even released an accompanying song, titled “Hope for the Future.” It marked the first time that the former Beatle had composed for a video game. To celebrate the song’s release, McCartney even created his own Guardian for the game.

Sir Paul McCartney’s Guardian

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