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Weekly Reset for June 13

E3 is in full swing in Los Angeles, with plenty of news regarding Destiny 2. Meanwhile, it’s Tuesday, and that means another Age of Triumph reset. What’s new for Nightfall Strikes, the Crucible, the featured raid and beyond? Let’s take a look!


Weekly Nightfall
The Undying Mind is this week’s Nightfall. Modifiers include Epic, Specialist, Juggler, Grounded, and Chaff.

  • Epic means an increase in heavily shielded enemies
  • Specialist provides an edge to special weapon damage
  • Juggler prevents any ammo drops for your equipped weapon
  • Grounded increases damage taken by Guardians while in the air
  • Chaff disables players’ radar

Heroic playlist modifiers
Heroic, Arc Burn, Brawler, & Ironclad.


Crucible playlists
Zone Control.


Challenge of Elders
Berserk, Catapult, Precision Kill Bonus.

Round 1: Keksis the Betrayed (Fallen)
Round 2: Seditious Mind (Vex)
Round 3: Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx (Cabal)
Weekly featured raid
Wrath of the Machine is this week’s raid. Go get that slick armor!!!

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