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Weekly Reset – July 4th

Happy Independence Day, America! Happy Tuesday to the rest of the planet, and Happy Reset Day to Guardians everywhere! It’s Tuesday during the Age of Triumph, which means we have new raids, nightfall strikes and more. Here’s all you need to know this Stars and Stripes day!


Weekly Nightfall

The Weekly Nightfall strike is The Nexus. Modifiers include Specialist, Juggler, Chaff, Ironclad.

  • Specialist increases special weapon damage.
  • Juggler means no ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
  • Chaff disables the radar.
  • Ironclad increases the overall number of shielded enemies.

Heroic playlist modifiers

  • Juggler means no ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
  • Airborne – you do more damage while in the air.
  • Catapult – grenade cool down takes longer

Crucible playlists

Mayhem Rumble. Nuff said.


Challenge of Elders

Chaff, Trickle, Grenade Kill Bonus.

  • Round 1: Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx (Cabal)
  • Round 2: Overmind Minotaur (Vex)
  • Round 3: Wretched Knight (Hive)


Weekly featured raid

King’s Fall is this week’s featured raid. Good luck taking out Oryx once again!

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