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Eris Morn Lives

Shackleshotgun is not your average cosplayer. In fact, she considers herself more of a make-up artist, and if you see her feed on Twitch (coming in all the way from Finland) you’ll see why. She’s got a signature look when it comes to make-up, and it’s a real art.

But on this cosplay, the Finnish streamer knocks it out of the park…


Shackleshotgun took on an undertaking with a make-up design/cosplay of Eris Morn. It was a little shocking to see the overturned urn in the “Homecoming” mission…

…but here we have proof that Eris Morn did, in fact, survive the Red Legion attack on Earth.

Okay, maybe not that, but we do have this INCREDIBLE cosplay from Shackle. Perhaps the neatest trivia about this project was that she needed only three LEDs to create the haunting thee-eyed look of Eris Morn. However, Shackle misread the Amazon quantity order. She now has sixty of these lights.

So, what’s next? The glowing armor you wear in Horizon Zero Dawn? We can only hope.

To see more of Shackle’s work and to watch her kill it in Destiny, hop on to Twitch at 4PM EST-USA every day (except Sundays) where she streams  Destiny, Starbound, Mass Effect, and other games set in far-off future worlds. And hosts a cosplay stream every 100 followers, so go on and give her channel some love.

Well done, Shackleshotgun, and thanks for sharing this incredible project!

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  1. dammit2hell
    dammit2hell August 3, 2017

    Shackle is amazing. I love her and her stream and am happy to call her a friend.

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