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Episode #016: Gameplay Review with Tee Morris

We’re continuing our celebration of the Destiny 2 Beta and the upcoming release of Destiny 2 on September 6 with another video episode featuring gameplay breakdown.

This time, Tee takes you into the Crucible’s Control, a mode of Player v Player (PvP) where two teams battle for control of three designated zones on a map. This breakdown also doubles as side-by-side comparison between Destiny and the upcoming Destiny 2.

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One Comment

  1. P.C. Haring
    P.C. Haring August 22, 2017

    Training Tip for your efforts to get better with accuracy and target acquisition:

    The next time you go into the crucible, take a scout rifle in. Because it’s a single shot trigger, it will force you to learn how to place your shots in order to be effective. Also when you start shooting walls, you’ll only lose a round of ammo instead of a half clip.

    I couldn’t hit SHIT when I first started with an Auto. I switched up to a scout, learned how to shoot accurately, and then went back to the auto. After I learned to finesse my technique a little bit and compensate for the recoil, I became much deadlier.

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