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Episode #019: A Review of Destiny 2

It’s finally here!

Destiny 2 has arrived for PS4 and XBox (hang tight, PC players — it will be worth the wait!) and the Guardians from Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast are bringing you their spoiler-free review of the game that has been receiving stellar reviews across the board.

After a week (give or take a day) of gameplay, here’s what the Guardians think!

What are your thoughts on Destiny 2? Give us your own review (spoiler-free, please) at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • Nick is turned into a drop-in!
  • Brandon really should not have made that crack about Tee on the Geek Wolfpack Podcast.
  • Coach has returned!
  • And wow, did he ever pick a terrible time to move south!

2:00 — Episode #019: A Review of Destiny 2

  • Destiny 2 is here! Whoo-hoo!!!
  • Not many spoilers in this episode, we promise!
  • Where we are in both character development and progress in the storyline.
  • Overall thoughts from the Guardians on Destiny 2 
    • Shout-out to our last episode and our discussion with ZGPhoto on  Destiny as a Beta.
    • Brandon doubles down and states Destiny on its weakest day was not The Division.
    • Nick does the same, only with Iron Fist.
    • A lot more to do this go-around, not just with story but with the world on a whole.
  • There’s a show in the hopper that we may have to try and drop into the feed.
  • Even the villain is more active in this sequel.
  • And we creep up the precipice of spoilers, but manage to pull it back…
  • …but Tee steals a bit of Nick’s thunder totally by accident. (Did you know the Consul was this actor?)
  • The game’s most terrifying moment.
  • From Nick Kelly: Destiny 1 is Alien. Destiny 2 is Aliens.
  • Ron’s disappointment: Your Silent Character with a Ghost Interpreter
    • A subject also covered on Return to Orbit.
    • For Tee, it’s no big deal. For Cayde-6, it’s an Easter Egg.
  • Other little nods and touches throughout the new world.

17:22 — The P.I.Y. Workshop 2017, presented by Tee Morris & Chuck Tomasi of Podcasting for Dummies, 3rd Edition

18:28 — Episode #019: A Review of Destiny 2 (Part 2)

  • Still got it, even across the distance.
  • Tee goes nuts over the score of Destiny 2.
  • Let’s talk about voice talent
  • Mechanical Improvements in Destiny 2
    • Fast Travel — Brandon loves that!
    • A tiny touch in the Map that the Guardians are appreciating hard
    • Nice nod to Donkey Kong
    • Nick doesn’t have a problem with overkill from time to time.
    • A drop-in that we will no longer be playing on our show…
    • Improved Foley
    • Improved Public Events, and the benefits of Heroic Public Events
    • Some love for the Adventures
  •  What a ride! Worth the Wait!

29:20 — Destiny in the News & Closing Thoughts

  • The Family that raids together stays together! Check out Michi Gopp and his family!
  • Michi’s got advice for running into Germans in the Crucible…
  • News Item One: Curse of Osiris DLC leaks, Bungie Confirms It’s Legit
  • News Item Two: Here’s What’s Coming Up THIS MONTH in Destiny 2. (Just. This. Month.)
  • What are we looking forward to in Destiny 2?
  • THE BIG QUESTION: What Destiny 2 worth the wait?
  • Hope you have enjoyed the podcasting rally to launch week!
  • And Brandon gives the Creative Commons tag a try. Not as easy as he thought it would be…
  • Let us know what you think of the Destiny experience and how Destiny 2 is treating you!
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    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
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