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Destiny 2’s Exotic Weapons in LEGO Form

If you’re a giant Destiny fan, and you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, Guardian, then we have something fun for you. YouTuber ZaziNombies has built a replica of the Exotic hand cannon, Sunshot, completely out of LEGOs!

The gun is composed of roughly 550 bricks, including light bricks to provide the LED effect. It’s a replica of the weapon you receive in Destiny 2 by completing the Sacrilege campaign mission, and then speaking with NPC Asher Mir on IO.

ZaziNombies has over 1.2 million followers, largely due to his (unhealthy?) obsession with building LEGO versions of items from video games. Some examples include the rocket launcher from Team Fortress 2, Overwatch health packs, and many constructions from Minecraft. Check out his channel HERE.

He’s not alone. Check out this video from the team chatting with Alex Niedra about some of his LEGO creations from Halo and Destiny. This conversation is from Brickworld Chicago 2015.

The LEGO version is obviously not available for sale, though LEGO competitor Mega Blocks has many Destiny offerings. We were fortunate enough to grab the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Ghost, complete with Lord Saladin mini-figure.




Do you own any of the Mega Blocks sets? Have you made your own Destiny items out of LEGOs or anything else? Share with us!


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