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The First Faction Rally Winner Is…

Destiny 2 brought plenty of new functionality and in-game challenges. On September 26, the game launched a competition called Faction Rallies. Players could join any of the three factions: Future War Cult, Dead Orbit, or New Monarchy. During a rally, players completed various activities and earned points for their chosen faction. At the end of the week, the faction whose members generated the most tokens win a prize (more on that in a moment.) The winner of the first ever faction rally is…Dead Orbit!

Hey all, Nick here. I get to write this one because I chose Dead Orbit as my faction. The choice was largely based on the faction-specific armor and how it resembles Marvel’s famous vigilante, The Punisher. That is NOT the prize for the faction rally, however. The prize is a scout rifle called Haunted Earth.

Dead Orbit

Others can get the rifle, but members of Dead Orbit can purchase the legendary rifle for just 1,000 glimmer instead of 50,000. Simply go to The Traveler and chat with the faction leader, Arach Jalaal. This should be familiar, because he’s the guy who takes the faction tokens.

Dead Orbit

Jalaal provides a celebratory message when you first speak with him. This is the first ever Faction Rally. Congratulations to the Dead Orbit members for winning this one. Now, to go on an undefeated streak. For fun, here’s a pic of my Titan with the Haunted Earth.

Dead Orbit

October 3 also brings a code update which fixes/patches some issues.For the full patch notes, read Bungie’s post.

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