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Episode #022: Destiny 101 (Welcome PC Gamers!)

What a day on Happy Hour from the Tower! First, it’s Reset Tuesday so it is time for new Flashpoints, new challenges, a new Call to Arms, a new Nightfall, and new starting points in Raids.

Know what else is new? PC Users are now online with Destiny 2!

Welcome aboard, PC Gamers! We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Tower, and we hope it’ll be worth the wait!

Now there have been a lot of questions flying back and forth on Twitch about whether or not Destiny 2 is a worthwhile game. We think it is, and this is the show that’s going to tell you why. Whether you are a new PC Gamer jumping in Cabals deep, or a console player curious about the hype, the Guardians are here to tell you why they keep coming back to Destiny 2.

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0:00 — Introduction

  • There’s always room for Charlie Brown in Destiny.
  • Some love for Lance Reddick. You remember him from our Voice Talent episode

2:04 — Episode #022: Destiny 101 (Welcome PC Gamers!)

  • Destiny has been out for a month (and some change…), and maybe you are wondering “What’s It All About?” So, from the top…
  • What you need to know from Destiny the First
    • Nothing really. You can start Destiny 2 cold.
    • For veteran players, there are moments of reflections from previous accomplishments.
    • Nick does have a bit of concern about the tone “Homecoming” sets. No, it does lighten up.
  • Who are the Traveler and the Speaker in Destiny?
  • What’s the Tower, and who are the Vanguard?
  • First mention of Stacia Kelly, the #OnlyDelightfulWarlock (That’s a dig on Tee and Ron…)
  • What’s out there waiting for us Guardians?
    • The Fallen
    • The Cabal
    • The Hive
    • The Taken
  • The PVP of Destiny 2: The Crucible
  • What’s with this whole “Light” thing from the Traveler? Why is it so important?
  • Hold on — Guardians have special powers?
    • Some are powers that help you, but there are others that help your team.
    • Brandon insists on splitting hairs at this point.
  • The Red Legion Invasion is only the start…
    • Get your Light back
    • Get the band back together
    • Brandon doesn’t get Trolly McTroll, but they are out there.
    • Fortunately, trolls are in the minority in the Destiny community

18:09 — The P.I.Y. Workshop 2017, presented by Tee Morris & Chuck Tomasi of Podcasting for Dummies, 3rd Edition

19:16 —Episode #022: Destiny 101 (Part 2)

  • Let’s talk about our individual approaches to Destiny 2.
  • Quick Sidenote: How does Brandon think that Destiny 2 performs on the PC?
    • He plays on the PSN for the social aspect of it. (He really does love us.)
    • Brandon’s admitting to the learning curve on the keyboard, but he could make the jump.
  • Lot of details are popping in this game, especially in the visuals.
  • Tee is approaching the Storyline along with the Adventures, and he found himself leveling up quickly.
  • Ron was doing a casual tour of Destiny 2 until he discovered that Tee was way ahead of him…
  • Tee’s budgeting time in the morning for the game. (Something Tee never did in the D1 years.) Join him in his Early Morning Twitch Stream where he’s still getting things done.
  • Nick is enjoying the D2 experience strictly for the social experience!
  • The best advice for Destiny 2: Take your time.
  • Shout out to Big Show, avid Destiny player!
  • Know what else is cool? New Destiny Swag!
  • Closing thoughts on Destiny 2
    • Switch up those weapons. Have favorites, but switch ‘em up!
    • Nick recommends having a fully charged controller in the wings.
    • Brandon shows bias.
  • And Brandon gives the Creative Commons tag another try…

37:47 — From the Blooper Reel

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