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Episode #024: A Big Week with Destiny

What. A. Week.

Yeah, the Guardians know it’s been two weeks since we last fired up the mics; but here we are after a jam-packed week of announcements from Bungie, a day of Nightfalls, and some early morning fun with TheTeeMonster. And with Coach on the line, the Guardians are back. Shenanigans are inevitable.

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00:00 — Introduction

  • Welcome to the Thanksgiving Show! So let’s talk turkey about Destiny 2!
  • Hey, Coach is on the show today!
  • With all the Guardians in studio, it’s already promising to be a wild ride…

1:43 — Episode #024: A Big Week of Destiny (Part One: Savathûn’s Song & The Crucible’s Supremacy)

  • What a week in Destiny for Tee! What happened? Well…
  • Brandon and Ron felt very uneasy about the whole “Flashpoint BAE” concept.
  • Coach accomplishes a flawless game in the Crucible…in the game that he hates the most.
  • If you want to catch Tee’s stream, better set an alarm clock…
  • He’s got to keep a schedule though, lest he falls to the Curse of Pip.
  • So, turns out Tee is not the only Guardian from the show to paddle down the Twitch stream.
    • Much like KMagic101, Brandon is having a difficult time going back to PSN after a taste of Destiny 2 on the PC.
    • The difference between the PC community, the PSN community, and the XBox community.
    • Brandon’s mission: Playing the Iron Banner on the PC exclusively
  • Congratulations, New Monchichi, for winning the second Faction Rally. #notbitter #totallybitter
  • Chatting a bit about swordplay between D1 and D2
  • Nick’s schedule has not been conducive to Destiny.
  • Now, we’re tagging everything with “of Osiris” from here on…
  • Quick shout-out for Nick’s First Love: Xenoblade Chronicles

16:46 — Geek Radio Daily

17:45 —Episode #024: A Big Week of Destiny (Part Two: Curse of Osiris)

  • Coach hasn’t lost a beat…
  • Quick little moment of glory from the Prestige Nightfall
  • So, let’s talk about Curse of Osiris…
    • Who is Osiris?
    • And did anyone notice that Osiris did the Guardian Slide?
    • New Destination: MERCURY
    • New Characters, New Lost Sectors (that are harder to find now), and…
  • Inappropriate joke in 3…2…….
  • And finally, ZG Photo checks in.
  • You want to run this podcast? Well…you can’t!
  • Some thoughts on the Raid Layer, being introduced in this expansion.
  • Returning to the discussion about the Casual Gamer and Destiny 2 
  • Quick shout out to #BlondeSolo
  • Returning to the Leviathan: Shortcut or New Stories in the Environment?
  • Brandon and Ron pull rank on Tee…and this is when the podcast starts hopping off the rails.
  • Have you heard the Geek Wolfpack Podcast?
  • The Weapon Forge…of Osiris.
  • Why all the hate on the Vigilance Wing?
  • A quick shout-out to the new voice talent showing up…
  • Want to see how harder we can hop off the rails?
  • What we are looking forward to with Curse of Osiris
  • How about your thoughts on what we’ve covered in today’s episode? Don’t be shy…
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    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • Where to find us online…
  • And here’s where to find us on PlayStation Network…
  • See you in December, Guardians!

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