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Intercepted Transmission: The Bungie Podcast, November 2017

In light of a cancelled stream heralding the release of Curse of Osiris, speculation has been rocking the Destiny community on exactly what is going on at Bungie. With Destiny 2’s first DLC so close to its launch, exactly why cancel the feed?

The Guardians at Happy Hour from the Tower will be talking further about this in their next show, but between #TwoTokensAndABlue and an XP debacle all happening in a week’s time, Bungie needed a moment to reassess. They took it.

Here are the results of that reassessment…

…quickly followed by this podcast (that you can subscribe to at iTunes) featuring Bungie’s Game Director Luke Smith, Project Lead Mark Noseworthy, and Marketing Director Eric Osborne.

Eyes up, Guardians. The Vanguard have taken the comms.

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