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The Dog Days of Advent: “Wilderness” (with Special Guest TD0013)

Special thanks to Corbin J Drake for the photo.

We bring you a very special guest on today’s Dog Days of Advent episode. Putting the “f.u.” in fun and once served as the “middle finger of Vader’s Fist” is Kevin O’Connor or TD0013. Kevin is a friend of the show but he is also a good friend of Tee’s, having blazed trails back in the early days of podcasting with A Different Point of View (A Stormtrooper’s Take on the Star Wars Universe) and voice acting gigs in many podcast audio dramas. He is also a Destiny fan (maining the Titan class, no surprises there), and today his Advent word of the day from is Wilderness. 

Get ready to go hiking. TD is taking you through the dark wilderness of the European Dead Zone. The EDZ holds many mysteries, and Kevin has a few ideas of where those mysteries lead. Today, Kevin is your sherpa. Follow him into the Darkness of the EDZ, in search of the Light. (Don’t worry — that TD0013 has got your back with a super at the ready.)


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