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Episode #026: An Interview with Courtenay Taylor (Amanda Holliday) and Cissy Jones (Sloane)

It all started with a voice crush…that led to a tweet…that led to voicemail…

…that led to this show, featuring not one but two voice talents from the Destiny universe.

And all Tee, Nick, and Brandon can do is hang on for dear life!

The Guardians welcome to the show Courtenay Taylor (Amanda Holliday) and Cissy Jones (Sloane). While it was expected that Courtenay was on the show, Courtenay arranged a little gift to celebrate The Dawning by inviting Cissy to join in the fun. The next forty minutes is a wild ride the likes of which no Guardian could prepare for. Enjoy this sit-down with Blonde Solo and the Titan on Titan, and leave us your feedback at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

2:17 — Episode #026: An Interview with Courtenay Taylor (Amanda Holliday) and Cissy Jones (Sloane)

  • Do these actors game? Well…
    • Sloane is an “old school” gamer. Who knew?
    • Amanda Is actually a backseat driver.
    • And Tee dates himself.
  • A nerd-out over vintage video gaming (Thanks, Stranger Things 2!)
  • The Guardians introduce Courtenay and Cissy to MAGFest
  • Do we even bother with our interview questions? Wait…are we introducing alcohol now?!
  • Wait, Courtenay was the voice of Hex in Skylanders? Cool! So how does Courtenay compare her work in video games to her new venture, O.K., K.O. Let’s Be Heroes?
  • Does Cissy find a deep attachment to the characters she plays?
  • Taking a stand for Villager #5
  • Is Method Voiceacting a thing? (God, we hope not.)
  • When details are provided for actors by the game developers, actors grow closer to the characters.
  • Sharing buttheat with a legend
  • Where were Courtenay and Cissy proudest with their work in Destiny?
  • Did Brandon just steal his dad’s thunder?
  • Cissy discovers through cut scenes that she was a bit of an ass-kicker!
  • Next time, Tee — trust Nick!

20:24 — Geek Wolfpack Podcast

21:17 —Episode #026: An Interview with Courtenay Taylor and Cissy Jones (continued)

  • Nick casts Courtenay and Cissy in an intergalactic Thelma & Louise
    • Let’s talk booze.
    • This sounds like a hell of a road trip!
  • And now, Courtenay and Cissy host the Matt Mercer (McCree in Overwatch) Roast.

    Guess we won’t we having Matt on the show any time soon…
  • Experience with Motion Capture — is Mo-Cap a regular thing in video game work?
  • The career of a working class actor
  • What’s in-demand at conventions when Courtenay and Cissy attend?
  • The GuardianCon Initiative
    • The Guardians are undertaking a massive challenge…
    • Okay, when did Tee loose control? Go to 00:00 and hit PLAY.
    • #SLAMANDA — let’s get it trending!!!
    • “These are the voyages of the starship SLAMANDA…”
  • Where to find Courtenay online
  • Where to find Cissy online
  • Alongside Fiction Friday and The Dog Days of Advent, we’re giving out all kinds of goodies this Christmas!
  • How about your thoughts on this sit down with Courtenay and Cissy? Don’t be shy…
    • Voicemail/WhatsApp — 703.791.1701 (Courtenay knows that number!)
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • Where to find us online…
  • And here’s where to find us on PlayStation Network…

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