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Episode #028: An Interview with Fenix Fatalist & FD Studios

The Guardians hop in their jumpships and return to the Cosmodrome as Nick, Brandon, and Tee enjoy a sit-down with Ukrainian cosplayer, Fenix Fatalist (Mariya) of FD Studios! Who is Fenix Fatalist, you ask?

Well, this is Fenix Fatalist…

Wait, no, hold on….this is Fenix Fatalist…

Um, no…this is Fenix Fatalist cosplay!

Holy Hanna in a Handbasket, who is Fenix Fatalist?!

Actually, her name is Mariya, and she’s spending some time with us today to talk about cosplay, photography, and creative endeavors of all kind. Have a listen to this talented maker’s creative dynasty! Got questions for this cosplayer from Kiev? Share with us your thoughts at 703-791-1701 or drop the Guardians a line at podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com!  


00:00 — Introduction

  • Brother Vance Shares some love on Nick.
  • Cayde is impressed with Brandon’s antics…which do not include making boneheaded dismantlements late at night.
  • Wait a minute…Lance Reddick is a voice (and a mo-cap character) in Horizon Zero Dawn?!

1:48 — Episode #028: An Interview with Fenix Fatalist & FD Studios

  • Welcome to the Tower, Fenix Fatalist!
    • She’s a cosplayer.
    • She’s a photographer.
    • She’s a singer-songwriter.
    • We didn’t mention she’s a lawyer, as well.
    • But what happens at FD Studios?
  • Mariya has been cosplaying for ten years…so she’s got game!
  • Geekery is international.
  • Check out her website! It is amazing!
  • And FD Studios is taking her love of cosplay and turning it into a clothing line! Look at this…

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • A little bit of Overwatch cosplay was how Tee found Fenix Fatalist. It all started with this image…
  • …then Tee followed links back to her website. Mind. Blown.
  • But it was on Facebook, he found out about this photoshoot.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • So how does a photoshoot like this happen? What is the story behind this incredible build?
  • What is the time investment into building a Destiny armor set? (Here’s a Pro Tip: Work with a team.)
  • Why doesn’t Mariya play Destiny? Well, that answer is obvious!
  • What captures the imagination of FD Studios, whether to create for commission or just creating for fun?
    • Mariya hears the Guardian’s Call…
    • Tee and Nick want Destiny-inspired Hockey Jerseys. The “Cosmodrome Warlocks“ and the “Solarium Titans” have good rings to them.
    • When Mariya wants to learn more about Destiny hardcore strategies…well, this might not be the podcast of choice, but we are having fun here!
  • If Destiny photoshoots were easy, we’d see a lot more of them.

17:13 — Washington Metropolitan Gamers’ Symphony Orchestra on Twitch

17:55 — Episode #028: An Interview with Fenix Fatalist & FD Studios (Part Two)

  • Now that we’ve talked about FD Studios, let’s talk about Fenix Fatalist.
    • Where does Mariya feel most “at home” with her cosplay? Film? Games? Or anime?
    • If you’re talking about anime…Mariya, meet Colby. (And a shout-out to BlerDCon!)
    • Mariya talks about the challenge of make-up when doing film cosplay, but looking at this Fantastic Beasts cosplay, it looks like she’s doing fine.
      That’s her husband, BTW. And he’s working the books for FD Studios in between cosplays…
  • Mariya’s most difficult cosplay: Triss Merigold from The Witcher series…
  • And here’s Tee’s fanboy moment…
  • …but Mariya confirms it for him: she is Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • Some other favorites of the Guardians from Fenix Fatalist’s potfolio

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • How do you decide what to wear at cons, because people were showing a LOT of skin in LOW temperatures at MAGFest.
    • A touch of insanity helps with cosplay.
    • The only good thing about the Assassin’s Creed movie
    • Back to the question…
  • The value of teamwork in cosplay. (Brace yourself — Mariya is passionate about this subject.)
  • Need models for your future Destiny cosplay, Mariya? We’re available!
  • Where to find Fenix Fatalist and FD Studios?

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