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Fiction Friday: Omens, Part Six

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Welcome to the conclusion of Tee’s original short story of one Guardian’s journey into a past she cannot completely recall and a future the Traveler wants to see realized. Welcome to the conclusion of Omens.

Rei Sommerset, on the orders of the Traveler, has been brought back from the dead in order to complete Operation: Snowblind, a recon mission that had gone horribly wrong. Her Strike team of three includes Manu Faunumia, a Hunter, and Alysan Osa, her mentor and friend from the order of Warlocks. On reaching Las Vegas, Rei and Manu proceed with the op even though a malfunctioning transmat landed Alysan on the other side of Sin City. They find themselves under fire, one bullet knocking Manu on his back. Alone, Rei faces this mysterious enemy; and in this moment, she is returned to that fateful mission where her world came to an end.

This is is: the finale. With everything I mentioned in the Introduction, I failed to mention the nod to Verena Vorsatz, our cover model for the last two books in The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series. Her work is pretty solid so swing by her Facebook Page. My wife, Pip, and I loved having her around so much, I wrote her into the story. She got a good death scene.

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00:00 —  Introduction & Musical Acknowledgments

04:50 — Omens, Part Six

24:29 — End Credits


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