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Episode #030: Video Interview with Streamer & Cosplayer TD0013

It’s been a while since we have offered up a video episode, and finally we were able to sit down and edit this footage of a cosplayer in action! Guardians, give a special #TitanTuesday greeting to Kevin G. O’Connor, also known as “TD0013” on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Kevin spent some on-camera time with Tee to give a behind the scenes look at his cosplay project: the Titan’s Iron Regalia armor.

TD0013 can be found on Twitch not only playing Destiny on XBox, but doing what you see here — cosplay and crafting. Go find him on Twitch and follow him on all the social media platforms. As Kevin likes to say, he puts the “F.U.” in FUN. Enjoy the ride, and thanks for watching!

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