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Episode #031: Gamer Speak — The Language of Destiny…and other games.

This is probably one of the goofiest shows we have ever recorded. This means you should kick back and enjoy the listen. We’re just having a good time with this show topic.

On Happy Hour from the Tower, we’re going bi-lingual with vocabulary common for gamers but maybe not-so-common outside of the console. Tee presents in a game show format what Guardians are speaking on Twitch and in Fireteam Chat, and Nick & Brandon try to figure out what these terms mean.

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00:00 — Introduction

  • Damn, Tee. Sick burn.
  • The guys…are not impressed.
  • Jumping into the show topic, completely kicking back, propping out feet up, and learning a new language.

1:10 — Episode #031: The Language of Destiny (Part One)

  • Ever wonder what people are talking about when on Destiny? Well, here we go…
  • Brandon? Yeah, he plays games!
    • B has returned to The Division! MY GOD, THE APOCALYPSE IS NIGH!!!!
    • Thank you, Predator.
    • Know your Arnie flicks!
    • TRIVIA: Do you know who was to originally play the Predator?
    • Titanfall 2 and Overwatch are also in rotation. So is Rock Band 4. (Kickin’ it OLD SKOOL!)
  • “Hey, you, dumbass. You in the tank…” and other Walking Dead references.
  • Gamer Speak #1: POTATO
    • Nick comes up with a clever definition…
    • …but as Brandon explains, it is wrong.
  • Gamer Speak #2: O.P.
    • Tee takes a moment to brag about the boss chair of his.
    • Brandon throws his dad a clue…
    • …but the guys kinda dig Nick’s Titan-centric definition.
    • There is a second definition for this one, too.
    • Shout-out to Prometheus Lens and Snowballs!
  • Gamer Speak #3: THE WAMBO COMBO
    • No, Nick, it’s not a brand of Tequila.
    • Brandon doesn’t know it either?! What?! This is a Hunter term, B!
    • And yes, this is a fun strat!
  • Gamer Speak #4: STRAT
    • Well, come on, dumbass, you know this! You’re a musician…
    • Brandon nails it.
  • Gamer Speak #5: GALLY
    • Nick nails it on the first try!
    • Reminiscing on D1 joy
  • Gamer Speak #6: R.I.P.
    • Nick takes a header.
    • Brandon’s got it though.
  • Gamer Speak #7: GG / GFG / G-effin’-G
    • Nick knows this one.
    • ….and he takes a higher road on explaining the variant definitions of this term

12:52 —  The Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast

14:03 — Episode #031: The Language of Destiny (Part Two)

  • Nick is caffeinated, everyone!
  • A quick moment in Sportsball…
  • Gamer Speak #8: #SLAMANDA
    • Want to know more? Listen to this!
    • Hey now, I’m ready for the #SLAMANDA show! How about you?
  • Gamer Speak #9: JUICEBOX
    • GG’s, Nick!
    • Presently, Nick’s record is better than both the Browns and the Lions combined!
  • Gamer Speak #10: CRISPY
    • Nick guesses the terms is related to another gamer term — SALTY — but he falls short.
    • Brandon, while he is familiar the term, doesn’t feel that he knows it.
  • Gamer Speak #11: SAVAGE
    • Another win for Nick!
    • Brandon’s not keen on the term on account of burnout at school.
    • Sharing a little love for Key & Peele.
  • Gamer Speak #12: VOOPING
    • Shout-out to 3vil_Aura for this gem!
    • Nick gives it a go…
    • …but Brandon uses the term as a platform.
    • Swing by our YouTube channel for some vooping fun, like this…
  • Gamer Speak #13: LOADOUT
    • Nothing but net for Nick on this one!
    • Yes, Nick is now digging the life of a sword wielder!
    • What are your loadouts?
  • Gamer Speak #14: ADDS & BOSSES
    • And he sticks the landing with three in a row!!!
    • Okay, the Game of Death reference is pretty ballin’ when you think about it.
  • Gamer Speak #15: REKT / REK’D
    • Not to be confused with RETCON from comic books.
    • Brandon’s got it.
  • Gamer Speak #16: POLEDANCER
    • This one’s for B.
    • No Hunter love today.
    • Taking a break from the quiz show to talk about game time with friends…
    • ….and we stumble into rapid-fire movie quotes.
  • Gamer Speak #17: SWEATY
    • Nick may not know it, but he nails it!
    • Brandon with that crispy definition…
  • Gamer Speak #18: NADES
    • Nick knows more than he leads on…
    • ….and we immediately go to the next one….
  • Gamer Speak #19: SHOTTIE
    • Now our resident Titan is on a roll!
    • Let’s stick with this theme…
  • Gamer Speak #20: D.P.S.
    • And the streak comes to a close.
    • Brandon is very familiar with this term.
    • A brief aside on Overwatch and Brandon’s strats within it.
  • Gamer Speak #21: KINDERGUARDIAN
    • Another win in Nick’s column which doubles as an endorsement for our earlier episodes.
    • The caffeine is kicking in hard for Nick.
  • Gamer Speak #22: BLUEBERRIES
    • We kick off with Brandon on this round, and that is fun in itself.
    • Wait — he gets it wrong?!
    • A variant of RANDOS only with one major difference.
  • Gamer Speak #23: MODS
    • Kind of like the pizza chain, but different.
    • This is a term covering a lot of the games we play.
  • Gamer Speak #24: SPAMMING
    • Can be applied to chat messaging…and email…but…….
    • Brandon gets specific with Destiny, and that leads into……
  • Gamer Speak #25: SALTY
    • All of us know this one.
    • Want to know what brings out the salt in a game? See the next term…
  • Gamer Speak #26: CAMPING / CAMPER
    • Nick knows this behavior from another game…
    • Nice to be able to take your fun remotely.
  • Gamer Speak #27: AGRO
    • Why does Nick think he doesn’t know this stuff?
    • When a game slips into overkill for B…
  • Gamer Speak #28: BUNGO
    • Nick ends with a win!
    • And we shamelessly plug Starla Huchton. So there.
  • So what other games are we playing?
  • What a note to end on…
  • What’s you favorite gaming term? Share with the class!
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    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
  • Where to find us online…
  • And here’s where to find us on PlayStation Network…

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