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Show #034: Yeah, We Play Games…

The anticipation is building for the new Warmind expansion coming this May 8 from Bungie, so what do we at the Tower do to pass the time? Well, we get together and play some Destiny 2, of course…

…and yeah, we play other games as well.

Shocked, are you? You shouldn’t be. We love Destiny, as you know; but we play other games as well. Today on Happy Hour from the Tower, Tee, Nick and Brandon kick back and talk about other games they play outside the confines of the Cosmodrome. Doesn’t mean we think Destiny is no longer worthwhile. Variety, after all, is the spice of life.

What about you? What games do you play between Ion Banners? Do you play with your Fireteam, or with completely different people? Let’s hear your thoughts or feedback  at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

1:12 — Episode #034: Yeah, We Play Games…

20:05 — This Kaiju Life

20:34 — Episode #034: Yeah, We Play Games… (Part Two)

  • Twitch streamers are returning to Destiny, but not the current release…
  • Looking back on Destiny and the slippery slope we’re trying to avoid.
  • So, Tee, what are you playing on your stream?
    • Mondays belong to Munch and a little sensation called Fortnite.
    • Tee is not into the “Battle Royale” games, but he is loving Fortnite.
    • EDITOR’S NOTE: We recorded this show before Brandon won his first victory. Since then, he’s into it.
    • Tee’s got a morning crew for Fortnite.
    • On Thursday, Tee hosts #ThrillerThursday
      • His first game for this event? The Tomb Raider reboot.
      • Nice lead up to the Tomb Raider movie with Alicia Vikander. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Watched it! LOVED it!)
      • Tee wants to stream Bioshock, but there’s a problem…
  • What are we looking ahead to play?
  • What are you playing outside of Destiny? Share your favorite distraction with us!
    • Voicemail/WhatsApp — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
    • Or how about leaving us a comment right here on the blog?

35:48 — Listener Feedback

  • Feedback can happen anywhere — even in a Twitch stream!
  • Grundlesnork is hooked — HOOKED, I say — on this podcast.
  • Love the show? Send us a note, or drop us a review at iTunes.

37:02 — Wrapping Up

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