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Month: May 2018

The Lesson of the Vanguard: Be Brave, Guardians.

(So you know, this is a very long, very personal blogpost. But I needed to share. — Tee)

Back on March 13th, I posted this in a Facebook community dedicated to Destiny

So…track with me, Guardians. I’m having a day.

I’ve been on the job hunt, a pretty aggressive one. My boss, because he likes me, gave me a heads up I was being outsourced. So I’m on borrowed time. In just over a month, I’ve sent out 170 resumes. No offers yet, but interviews are happening. Today, my wife almost broke me when she said “I know this is hard on you.”

I felt a little jolt like I was going to lose it…but I thought “No. Be a Titan. Dig deep and push forward.”

Destiny is not a perfect game, but its characters and its classes can be a source of inspiration. Yes, this has been really hard, but then I dig deep. When I don’t think I can dig any more, I play; and when I do, I think “It’s okay. I got this.” Maybe I don’t always, but I know I can rise up, and be brave.

Whatever life throws at you unexpectedly, be a Zavala. Be a Titan. Keep going. Keep at it. And if something gets in your way…go through it.

We’re going to be okay.

Be brave, Guardians.

We hear it in the game now and then: Be brave, Guardians. We’re told to stay the course whether facing off with Crota or Aksis in D1 or facing Leviathan challenges of D2. The Vex, the Hive, and the Fallen hit hard when they want to, but every time we return to our feet and push forward.

Then you have Real Life, and it can hit you much harder than any boss in the Solar System or in any video game out there.

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