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Episode #035: The Warmind Preview Show

Next week, the new Warmind expansion drops on May 8, and we are so excited about it…that this show is horrendously late.

Don’t worry, Guardians. We’re going to make it up to you.

We are talking about the Warmind Preview and share our hopes for what’s coming next week. And hey, after listening to our anticipation, why not share with us your anticipation at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com.

00:00 — Introduction

  • Hi, Joy!
  • Guess what we just saw?
  • What we share in common with Avengers: Infinity War 
  • We have missed you guys!
  • Brandon is NOT digging Pip’s new chair for the studio.
  • Tee’s leave of absence on Twitch
    • Apparently, he is missed.
    • Tee reenacts his meltdown on beating Tomb Raider.
    • Nick can relate.
    • Why the break from Twitch? Tee’s got a new gig, but he’s back at night.
    • Geek Wolfpack Podcast — where you can pick up ADHDD&D before Tee streams it…
    • Saturday Morning Cartoons, coming to Tee’s Twitch
  • Showing mad love for the late, great Ted Knight.

7:49 — Episode #035: The Warmind Preview

  • Yes, the preview is last week, but we’ve been busy.
  • Maybe we were torturing Brandon.
  • Better pack your snowboots, Guardian!
  • Turning to our show historian…
    • Nick gives us a rundown of who Clovis-Bray is…or was, in our current timeline.
    • Dr. Ana Bay tried to warn her superiors at Clovis-Bray about the Warmind. It’s in her journal.
    • You know how to get to Ana’s journal, right?
    • #WeLoveYouPeterParker
    • Some more Ana Bray lore.
    • “Dear, Bungie…”
  • Brandon’s expectations after seeing the Twitch stream
  • Citing Gamespot’s own write-up on the Warmind reveal
    • Is Warmind sizing up to be a reaction to the community’s ire with Destiny 2?
    • A sidebar about American Express because this is us.
    • The preview promises a better direction for the game.
  • Will hardcore gamers come back to it? Depends on the game du jour…
    • Remember when Sea of Thieves was the game to play?
    • Is Fortnite no longer the new shiny?
  • Nick is still not going into the Crucible.

24:40 — Nutty Bites

25:19 —Episode #035: The Warmind Preview (Part Two)

  • How many beers are you drinking, Tee?
  • Welcome to Nick’s jam in Destiny!
  • Let’s talk about the Escalation Protocol.
    • This is a Guardian-controlled Public Event. (Like Archon’s Forge…but different.)
    • Anyone can join the EP Event…but if you have not finished the story, it’s gonna get nasty.
    • New week, new Boss.
    • The Valkyrie…Brandon want.
    • Expectations for the Protocol
  • There were some sweet looking weapons—old and new—coming our way!
    • As if the Hard Light wasn’t nasty enough.
    • The Tractor Cannon — it is TROLLTASTIC!
    • Suddenly, the Strum/Drang combination matters.
    • And, DAT SHOTGUN…
  • What to look forward to with the return of Private Matches. Quality Time with Friends…
  • More Crucible changes
    • Rankings in Glory and Valor
    • A unique weapon for ranking in the Crucible
    • New maps, good fun
  • The Competitive Mode
    • The challenge of Competitive Mode, especially with randos
    • Tee takes on Trials…and he likes it! A lot!
  • Enjoying Iron Banner this week?
  • Tee learns something new.
  • Maybe we should do another show like this one?
  • Looking forward to Warmind? What has you excited about this new DLC?
    • Voicemail/WhatsApp — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
    • Or leave us a comment on the blog!

42:34 — Listener Feedback

  • Hey, guys, we got new reviews on iTunes!!!
    • ThePhilly1971
    • DCDenney
  • Love the show? Drop us a review at iTunes and we will read it on a future episode!
  • Making plans for future shows so stick with us, Guardians!

44:15 — Wrapping Up

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We’ll talk about it!

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Eyes up, Guardian!
Time to give up the Ghost.

Thanks for listening. 

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