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Episode #037: A Warmind Review — Part I

Warmind has arrived!

Well, yeah, it’s been out for almost two weeks now; but we wanted to spend some time playing it. After doing so, the entire Tower crew assembles and gets on mic to talk about their experiences. Here we go with Part One of our review of the Warmind DLC.

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00:00 — Introduction

  • Timeshifting from Mother’s Day…
  • Taken out of context, TheBigMarvinski is even funnier.
  • This is fine. This is perfectly fine… 
  • The Hunters are never good at rules are they?
  • Salty much there, Coach?
  • You want to run with TheTeeMonster on Saturdays? Adjust your teenager schedules.

2:21 — Episode #037: A Warmind Review — Part I

  • Good times with Current Meta’s Danfinity
  • Quick Rundown on Warmind
    • Nick enjoyed going fast!
    • Brandon loved the Lore Dive.
    • Ron had fun.
    • For Tee, the Storyline was almost as much fun as the Private Matches.
  • Everything fells goooooooood.
  • This is a big step forward for Bungie.
  • Spoilers are coming, so you are warned!
  • Bad news about Brother Vance, so no more B.V. jokes here.
  • Let’s talk about the new features of this DLC
    • It’s so nice to have Private Matches back!
    • Time to give the new guns a run, as well as a few old favorites.
    • Tee’s got a crush on this girl now…
    • Voice confirmed: Stephen Fry
    • Welcome back to Mars, everybody!
  • Major Props to Vicarious Visions
  • So, Nick is caffeinated. Hang on to something.
  • This is going to be a two-part show, promise.
  • Memory Fragments and Borealis FTW!
  • Breathe, Nick, for the love of God, breathe!!!

19:06 — Headshots

20:42 — Episode #037: A Warmind Review — Part I (Part Two)

  • Nice to have the gang back, isn’t it?
  • Thoughts on Xol
    • Killed too soon, wanted to know a bit more
    • Time to go back to D1
    • Snipers are good to have on hand.
    • Let’s talk about that Valkyrie!
  • If we go any lower in boss voices, we may need clean underwear on hand.
  • Public Events a-plenty!
  • How Coach builds a party of nine for the Escalation Protocol
  • Changes in the Nightfall and the Heroic Strikes — Brace Yourself!
  • Welcome to Coach’s Criticisms — a new segment of the show…
  • What we would like to see, moving forward with this DLC
  • A few comments on the new Spire of the Stars Raid Lair
  • What do you mean “DESTINY 2 IS NOW TOO HARD!” you ninny!!!
  • This DLC offers something for everyone.
  • Using McFarlane Toys as Reference Materials
  • Quick nod to Danfinity!
  • Be careful what you wish for, Guardians…
  • How Brandon feels compelled to play Destiny 2 once more.
  • Tee did save his tokens. Just the wrong ones…
  • There feels like so much more to do now. Thanks, Bungie!
  • What is it about dismantling shaders?
  • Yep. This show is definitely a two-parter!

36:39 — Listener Feedback

  • We got some feedback on Twitter!
  • Who chimed in on Warmind?
    • JohnVanalions
    • JuniorTurtle75
    • Tee…yes, he comments to his own podcast.
    • TD0013
    • Josué Cardona from Headshots
    • Drop us a tweet anytime!
  • Where you can reach out to us!
    • Voicemail/WhatsApp — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
    • Or leave us a comment on the blog!
    • And review the podcast! We love reviews!
  • Pardon Tee’s derpiness!
  • Some last minute thoughts…

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