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Episode #38: A Warmind Review — Part II

Return to Warmind!

You heard us rave about Warmind two weeks ago, and here we are a month later, and we just can’t get enough! Once again, the Guardians gather on mic to talk about their experiences in the Crucible, and talk a bit about how the lore is everywhere…including the Real World. Enjoy Part Two of our review of the Warmind DLC.

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00:00 — Introduction

  • Timeshifting. It’s what’s for dinner
  • Our little B10hazardBabe is all grown up now.
  • So hold on, if we’re timeshifting, does that mean…?
  • Coach gets coached.
  • Swing by the YouTube Feed for a look at some of these drop-in inspiring moments.

1:38 — Episode #038: A Warmind Review — Part II (Part One)

  • We’re back, still talking about Warmind. Here we go…
  • Let’s talk about weapons and armor.
    • Nick and Coach try to cheat the game, but the Bungie boys are on it.
    • Nick will not surrender his A/O Feedbacks.
    • Coach has come back to the Sunshot. It’s a favorite.
    • How about a share of trash talk?
    • Tee’s feeling the love for sniper rifles (and some of the original D2 exotics) again, in particular the Borealis.
    • Ana’s weapons are kickass. Nuff said.
    • The guys…sans Tee…have achieved the Word-Line Zero. Tee’s got to get back into the grind…or the hunt.
  • “A man’s got to know his limitations.”
  • Ron’s Quest for Music Boxes…or Sleeper Nodes!
  • How are we feeling about the PVP changes?
  • The Nightfall served as a fun romp for Tee, Marv, and Munch.
  • Ooops — need to break!

18:09 — Geek Radio Daily

19:09 — Episode #038: A Warmind Review — Part II (Part Two)

  • What is Brandon doing with Tee’s printer?
  • Time for a little lore…
    • First bit of lore to know about — who is Willa Bray?
    • Wouldn’t a bound volume of Grimlore be nice? Or just make it easily accessible.
    • So many awesome emotes.
    • A little tangent on Zavala as Warmind is his story.
    • Something about Xur’s treehouse on Nessus in that first week of Warmind.
    • How many of these little Easter Eggs did you find in your first week with the DLC?
    • Some lore on Ana’s sister Elsa…and who she has become.
    • And if that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, the game crosses into reality.
    • What about the ship that is buried in the Lost Sector of Mars? Did you scan it?
    • Another catch in the end cut scene of Destiny 2
  • Tee is excited about what is being hinted at, but he wants to go explore more of the Warmind.
  • There has to be more to Rasputin. That’s a BIG facility.
  • Curse of Osiris versus Warmind from a storyteller’s perspective
  • Closing thoughts on the Warmind DLC

39:18 — Selfie of the Show

  • Selfie Remix by Evan_RX
  • Yes. Tee FINALLY got the Selfie emote!
  • A few thoughts on the Emote Wheel…
  • Two selfies from Saturday Morning Cartoons…
    Me & TheBigMarvinski at the Warmind!

    Come on, Munch! Selfie Time!
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41:46 — Wrapping Up

  • We’re losing Ron.
  • Last thoughts on Warmind?
    • Brandon’s lost in sword-love.
    • Coach praises Warmind, but there is still a caveat.
    • Nick is very happy with the windfall of lore!
    • Tee is enjoying the dive into the DLC!
    • Enjoy the stream, and the suspense of #ThrillerThursday
  • Where you can reach out to us!
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    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
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    • And review the podcast! We love reviews!
  • Brandon was fired up to do the exit…but then…..
  • Some last minute thoughts…

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