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Episode #39: GuardianCon HYPE with KMagic 101!!!

Hold on to your Saint-14 helms, Guardians. KMagic 101 is baaaaaaaack!

Once again, as if the first time wasn’t enough fun for us, the multi-talented, multi-faceted gamer, KMagic101, has come back to the Tower to talk about a lot of stuff, but namely a little event he’s involved with called GuardianCon. Enjoy the listen and the laughs as we enjoy with Kevin a look ahead at what is coming to Tampa this July!

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00:00 — Introduction

  • Tee lives to make TheBigMarvinski laugh.
  • You what, Nick?
  • Brandon is never good with rules, or competition for in-game girlfriends.
  • King’s Coast Coffee. The official coffee that wakes Tee up in the mornings!

1:28 — Episode #039: GuardianCon HYPE with KMagic 101!!!

  • Cutting to the chase! Let’s talk about GuardianCon 2018!!!
  • Listen to the end for the blooper…
  • Tee evokes Hockey Protocol, and enjoy some Sportsball banter with the guys over the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs. (SPOILERS: Caps win it!) 
  • What we can all expect with this incoming event that celebrates Destiny, video games, Twitch, and community.
  • A new charity events: Charity Blitzes!
  • Brandon, LOOK AT THE LIST!!!!
  • How KMagic handled the controversy of saying that Destiny was not going to be featured on the Mainstage. Read the fine print, Guardians.
  • The story behind getting Gambit — and Bungie — back to GuardianCon.
  • If you missed the first visit from KMagic, hear how an event like GuardianCon came to fruition.
  • What was it about Warmind that brought Kevin and other streamers back to Destiny 2?
  • For the Guardians in the Tower, Go Fast was a step in the right direction. And now there is Forsaken.
  • All roads lead back to The Division on this show.
  • KMagic has other ideas on ways to fix Destiny.

17:28 — The Shared Desk

18:28 — Episode #039: GuardianCon HYPE with KMagic 101!!! (Part 2)

  • Leave it to Nick to use an Infinity War quote to describe GuardianCon.
  • What is KMagic’s favorite part of GuardianCon?
    • Who knew Braveheart was such a trigger for Kevin?!
    • It’s a positive experience.
  • Nick and Brandon are looking forward to the Super Smash Brothers programming, thanks to this event!
  • KMagic made the move from Twitch to Mixer. Here’s the road taken by Kevin to get to where he is now.
  • Drawing a line between real life and video games…
  • How Tee loves Kings Coast Coffee. Let’s talk about Dr. Lupo’s Lifeline and this amazing hit in the morning!
  • Where can you find KMagic101 on Mixer?
  • A quick chat about Detroit: Become Human
  • Looking forward to GuardianCon, Kevin! See you there!

34:55 — Wrapping Up

36:03 — Blooper Reel

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Eyes up, Guardian!
Time to give up the Ghost.

Thanks for listening. 

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