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Xur Location for June 29-July 2

TGIF! Happy Weekend to all you Guardians!

Xur is back with his catalog of exotic weapons. We’ll give you the details on where to find the Agent of the Nine and what he’s got to offer this weekend. On a side note, it’s just two weeks until GuardianCon and your podcast hosts will be in attendance in beautiful Tampa, Florida. Please stop us for a chat if you see us. We’d love to connect with you!


Xur is hanging out this weekend in his treehouse on Nessus. He’s just northwest of the Watcher’s Grave landing zone. Be sure to scan the deceased Vex in the tree with him for a teaser about how things are going between the Vex and the Cabal.

Xur’s inventory this week:

  • The Wardcliff Coil, exotic rocket launcher: 29 legendary shards
  • Lucky Raspberry, Hunter chest: 23 legendary shards
  • An Insurmountable Skullfort, Titan helmet: 23 legendary shards
  • Ophidian Aspect, Warlock gloves: 23 legendary shards
  • Fated Engram: 97 legendary shards
  • Three of Coins: 31 legendary shards
  • Five of Swords: free


The Wardcliff Coil can be fun because its Mad Scientist perk fires a volley of rockets. That makes for some good chaos in a PvP session. The Ophidian Aspect gauntlets have the Cobra Totemic perk which adds melee range and improves weapon load and reload time. Punchy Titans may like the perk of the Insurmountable Skullfort which restores health with melee kills. (It will be interesting to see if this perk gets expanded from kills to melee hits, as is the plan for the Feedback Fence in an upcoming release.)

Sound off, Guardians! What’s Xur got that appeals to you this weekend?

Happy Hunting!



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