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This Week at Bungie July 5

Gotta give it up to the fuchsia lovers (and our own Tee Morris), the Twilight Sparkle War Cult came through with the 2nd Faction Rally. The Future War Cult earned 42% of all the faction ranks in this round. Dead Orbit was within reach, pulling in 37%. New Monarchy came in last with 21%.

Destiny 2


In our last post, we showed the detailed roadmap from Bungie. All three factions get one more shot this season the week of July 17th. That means the following week is the victory lap for the final Faction Rally of the season, which will lead directly into the Solstice of Heroes event.

We are now just one week away from Guardiancon and we are super excited to be meeting some of our favorite content creators, clan members and the Destiny community as a whole. Be sure to stop Tee (normal hair), Brandon (vampire red hair) or me (cobalt blue hair). We hope to have some very special giveaways for everyone we meet in person.

Bungie will have members attending from leadership, technology, Gambit experts, the Community team and the Bungie Store. The Gambit game mode from the upcoming Forsaken release is available to play at the event. Friday night at 6pm will feature a Gambit Exhibition Tournament on the main stage. (For those not attending, the event will be streamed.)


Gamestop fans also get a special treat. The August edition of Game Informer includes a huge amount of Destiny 2 content, including updates on all NINE new supers. This means Brandon gets to backstab people and his mom, Stacia, gets to be a healer. That’s in line with our Geek Wolfpack Podcast segment, ADHD D&D. The folks over at have a fantastic write-up. WARNING: If you don’t want to read spoilers, do not click the link!

The new prestige raid lairs get released the week of July 17 and they will be staggered. Senior Designer Joe Blackburn explained that these were staggered to ensure no one is robbed of the chance to finish the raid lairs first.


Guardians will not have to wait for GuardianCon or Forsaken to celebrate and to be rewarded. Starting Friday, July 6, and lasting through the weekly reset, players may earn 3x Valor Rank gains in all Valor-supported playlists! Make Shaxx proud, Guardians!

You can read the entire TWAB HERE.

Eyes up, Guardian!


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