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Episode 40: The (Long Overdue) GuardianCon 2018 Review

Yes, it has been a bumpy summer between Man Flu, Day Job demands, and overall Life getting in the way; but WE ARE BACK!!! You can expect us to talk a bit about the Solstice of Heroes event happening right now on Destiny 2, but we need to tell you about something we just experienced in Tampa, Florida…

Oh yeah, baby, we went to GuardianCon 2018 and what an experience. We finally got around the mics to talk about how much fun we had and what we learned from the weekend in Tampa amongst Guardians, streamers, and gamers of all kinds. Were you there? What did you think? Give us a call at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • No, really, this was the first thing ZG Photo said to Tee
  • Get your groove on, Nick!
  • And here it is — the new HHFTT Crucible Battle Cry!
  • So…what happened to the HHFTT crew in June and July?
    • Tee gets the Man Flu, and passes it on to his Day Job.
    • Another setback: A special project that we are waiting to hear from, but for now, just know that we are waiting along with you…
    • There is a Forsaken show…that might be re-recorded now, but shortly after all this, there came this little event in Tampa, Florida.

3:50 — Episode #040: The (Long Overdue) GuardianCon 2018 Review

  • Let’s talk about this amazing experience called GuardianCon 2018!!!
    • A reference to Black Jeopardy. Thanks, Nick.
    • Nick laments over the not-so-favorite-family game, Flight Gate Bingo
    • Tee shares NO LOVE for Ground Crews at United.
    • Once we all got airborne, we were fine.
  • Thursday in Florida
    • The Kellys enjoy the Tampa Bay Aquarium
    • And look at that — they found a Danfinity!
    • Tee took an Uber out to Clearwater for a meeting of epic proportions…

      This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    • Nick drops some knowledge on everyone here.
  • The weird thing about GuardianCon. Something weird but so very, very real. And we loved it!
  • Brandon was a little disappointed in how these folks are not good at getting pumped.
  • Nick’s Theory on the GC 2018 Audience
  • The Power of Ninja and Lupo
  • Quick Shout-Out to HHFTT’s Favorite Voice ActorHAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  • Friday at GuardianCon
    • As we are walking on the convention floor…
    • How badly did people want to play Gambit?
    • Was this new game mode worth the wait? Well, here we go with our review of Forsaken’s new game mode, Gambit.
    • Special Shoutout to these guys — MikeTheIron and Averagewhiteguy2 — for being such a great Fireteam!
    • A spirit of friendship in playing this game.
  • All roads lead back to The Division on this show.
  • KMagic has other ideas on ways to fix Destiny.

23:39 — The Geek Wolfpack Podcast

24:31 — Episode #040: The (Long Overdue) GuardianCon 2018 Review (Part 2)

  • A bit of a stumble in getting back into it!
  • Let’s talk a bit more about the new supers from Gambit
    • Sadly, Mr. Fruit was struggling with the new Titan super.
    • And The True Vanguard brought the pain with a sniper!
    • There were a few people at GuardianCon, if you must know…
    • Brandon fell in love with the new super for Hunters.
    • More Forsaken hype!
  • Let’s talk about Kings Coast Coffee, a favorite over at
  • Diverting a bit to talk a bit about Realm Royale, or Fortnite Goes to the Renn Faire.
  • Warframe was at GuardianCon, as well.
  • And here’s where we just get goofy!
  • Some love for TheBigMarvinski
  • Can we stop talking about Tee putting sunscreen on ZG?
  • Does GuardianCon need a third day?
  • QUICK TANGENT: KMagic101 is a big dude…and he’s intimidating AF!
  • So…is it July 2019 yet?

38:18 — Listener Feedback

  • Before we jump into the Feedback, well done streamers for the St Jude’s Charity Push
  • Voicemail from TD0013What happens when you become an affiliate?
  • Before we go into the other voicemail, let’s talk about our SWAG: Wanted posters.
  • And the SWAG worked!
    • A voicemail only Brandon can explain…
    • …and a voicemail from Tom that makes Tee’s day.
      • Tee agrees to disagree.
      • Debating on Destiny’s storytelling
      • A lament over Nathan Fillion
    • Should Cayde come back or not? (Want to chime in? You know you can…)

51:30 — Wrapping Up

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Eyes up, Guardian!
Time to give up the Ghost.

Thanks for listening. 


  1. ScytheX
    ScytheX August 6, 2018

    Great episode boys! Guardian con was a blast, and Gambit’s line being 6 horus long was a yikes from me. So September cant come soon enough.

    Tee pleasure meeting you in tampa, realm royal is 100% a rip off of fortnite which is a rip off of pubg which is a rip off of h1z1 which im sure rips off something else….it never ends!

    Solstice grind continues later dudes

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