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TWAB Review: Before-Saken

August has come and gone, and with it the final This Week at Bungie (TWAB) before we all embark on the Forsaken expansion. We’ve been treated to trailer after trailer, a Vidoc and beginning September 1, we even get a chance to all play the player vs environment vs player game mode, Gambit. If you want zero spoilers, stop reading, boot up your console, and download the extensive DLC that is available in preparation for Forsaken. If you’re not the 1% swearing off new information about what’s coming in D2, read on!


The Gambit Reveal

Bungie hasn’t been shy about sharing the groundbreaking Gambit game mode. The crew brought test gear to E3 in May. Then they brought it to Guardiancon in July (and our crew got to play it!) It’s appearing at PAX West right now, but Destiny players can experience it a couple different ways. All players have access to the game mode on September 1st, starting at 10am PST.

For those of you who follow some of the best known streamers out there, Bungie showcased several players on Friday, August 31st. Players included Professor Broman, Zach Lavine, True Vanguard, and Schviftyfive. Some Bungie staff members were also in the mix. Gameplay is available on Bungie’s twitch stream.


The Massive Game that is Forsaken

Gambit is just a portion of what hits the game with the Forsaken release. The most dramatic story point (possibly ever) has many fans up in arms. Cayde-6, the smart-mouthed Hunter Vanguard, is dead. The trailers revealed exactly how things went down, but it didn’t hit all of us until this week’s reset. Cayde’s usual spot in the tower is vacant. It’s a confirmation that our favorite director of sarcasm is gone, and gone for good.

There are tons of changes coming to gameplay. The vault is expanded. Changes to weapon slots make ammo decisions important. The PvP dynamic is completely different. A huge slew of exotic weapons and armor are either coming brand new or returning from D1. Mod slots are new. Weapon randomization makes the grind less predictable. Forsaken will bring a new story mode, map, areas to explore and some familiar faces from the Reef.

It’s Not Just Forsaken

Yeah, about that. Bungie has given us a framework for months and months of updates. For those who felt that the studio was flying by the seat of its pants last year, rest assured, they are now a full 18-24 months ahead of what we’re seeing in the game. Here’s a bit of proof:


We have teasers of what’s coming several seasons out. Bungie has implemented changes and re-introduced aspects of the game that we missed from D1 and D1 both. Here at the Tower, we’re excited about what’s coming, especially some of the mystery around that curious NPC named The Drifter…

What do you think about Forsaken? Are you ready?

Eyes Up, Guardian.


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