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TWAB October 18

As promised, the Festival of the Lost has arrived in style. The tower is full of engram lamps. Guardians are wearing ridiculous masks. The Infinite Forest is haunted! With so many events and cosmetic changes going on, it’s easy to overlook some of the changes made to the game with the 2.0.4 release. Let’s take a look.

The Rockstar Energy Riots In-Game Competition

Players can compete through November 7th in weekly challenges to earn real-world prizes. The challenges occur in the Crucible, Gambit and strikes. Points are earned through match completion, precision kills and defeating Guardians. (This is separate from the Bungie Bounties which are still ongoing.) The top four players from the qualifying round will square off at Bungie. Prizes include Bungie store cards, gaming chairs, headsets and some sweet Destiny 2 apparel. The grand prize is a Forsaken themed Slingshot. Sign up at

Destiny 2


Notable In-Game Changes

We detailed most of the Festival events in last week’s post (Read it HERE). There were a couple things we left out. First, everyone gets a Master Rahool mask for the Festival. Second, it’s absolutely hideous. Third, there is a change to Clan Bounties. Completing a bounty for Hawthorne now earns the player 1000 xp to their weekly clan goal. The big takeaway is that players will only need to complete five bounties per week instead of the previous requirement of seven.

If you don’t know where to start to join the festivities, stop by the universe’s sexiest shipwright, Amanda Holliday to get started.

Notable Out-of-Game Gifts

Bungie has provided some paper mask templates if anyone wants to build the real-world equivalent to the in-game masks. They come in a three-pack bundle which includes the Scorn, Lord Shaxx, and Prince Uldren masks. There is also a template for the chicken mask which is free. If you prefer the Pumpkin Spice approach, stencils are available to carve jack o’ lanterns with 14 different Destiny themed art, including class logos, the Crucible, Gambit, Ghost and more.

Destiny 2

There were other updates including bug fixes. The full This Week at Bungie is available HERE.

Are you enjoying the Festival? Share some of your stories and pics with us!

Eyes up, Guardians,




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