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October 30 Reset

Refer-a-Friend, Enhancement Cores, a Costume Contest and more!

October 30th brings the weekly Tuesday reset to Destiny 2 and with it the 2.0.5 version of the game. As noted in earlier posts this month, these updates bring bug fixes and weapon balancing. These fixes aren’t always the sexiest thing about the game. There is one change to the economy that bears review, so we’ll start there.

Destiny 2

Welcome, Enhancement Cores

One of the most challenging aspects of the economy introduced with the Forsaken release was the rarity of Masterwork Cores. The issue was that infusing most weapons and armor with higher power level required a handful of these cores. These would only drop if a player dismantled a masterwork piece of armor or a weapon (or by trades with Spider in the Tangled Shore.) Many players burned through their stash of cores or hadn’t amassed that many to begin with.

Masterwork cores have been renamed to Enhancement cores and they are easier to find. Some scrapper bounties will now drop these cores, along with Spider’s 6 weekly bounties. If players have put an older piece of gear in the vault until they can improve it, that time may be here soon.

Destiny 2

Costume Contest

The Festival of the Lost is still going strong. Players can gather Fragmented Souls by completing bounties for our favorite shipwright, Amanda Holliday, or by completing waves in the Haunted Forest. These get traded in for a variety of masks plus Tess Everis has plenty of themed items earned through engrams. Bungie has shown an expanded effort to connect in-game and out-of-game popularity with Destiny. They’re hosting a costume contest online for Guardians to share their spirit.

Beginning with the 2.0.5 update and going through 6 PM PDT on October 31, players can use shaders, masks and armor to create a costume. Sharing pictures online with the #FestivalofCostumes hashtag on the Community Creations pageTwitter, or Instagram  makes players eligible to win. Ten winners will be celebrated via @Bungie on Halloween and gifted an unique emblem.

“Group shots are welcome. Humor encouraged. Put on a mask, and go show the bad guys they can’t keep us down.”


The other noteworthy addition is the new refer-a-friend program. Bringing new players to Destiny 2 will reward veteran players with emblems, sparrows, weapons, ornaments and more. Both players will earn additional experience points while under the maximum level cap. There are a few requirements like linking Bungie accounts to console accounts (necessary for the Bungie Reward program anyway) and date of purchase. Read all about that program HERE.
This is the perfect time for new recruits as Bungie recently included both the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions with the purchase of Forsaken.
Read all of the release notes on See you in the Haunted Forest.
Eyes up, Guardian!

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