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TWAB Nov 8: Farewell, Festival

The Festival of the Lost has come and gone. Our Guardians had varying experiences. Tee and Nick loved the Haunted Forest, while Ron just couldn’t get into it. Brandon enjoyed his time in game, but the Fallout 76 beta stole him from the Fire Team for most of the last week. We gathered masks, guns, and glory, but now it’s time to see what follows.

Bungie Technical Updates

Interesting note from engineer Ben Thompson. It sounds like there are issues with load times, both initial loading of the game and in activities in game. I’ve felt like the initial load times were a little long, and I’m glad to see Bungie has noticed also. Season 5 should deliver faster load times. The example is from orbit to EDZ, where the promised time is reduced from 2 minutes to under a minute.

Bungie is also looking into adding reset functionality to checkpoints, similar to that feature in the Last Wish raid.

Destiny 2

Tuning of Supers

Spectral Blades is getting some reliability upgrades. These include increased melee lunge range and reducing the cost of light for melee. There will also be an increase to the number of consecutive hits required to increase attack rate, and decrease to the base attack speed for better accuracy on intended targets. There are also improvements to damage resistance and drain time when in stealth mode.

PC and Gambit

Destiny 2 was made free for all players on PC through November 18. In conjunction with that, there will be a Gambit Free Trial weekend Nov 9-11. Forsaken owners will have the option for Double Infamy on the playlist. Note, it is full curse week, so there may be meatballs.

Destiny 2

Change of Seasons

Season 4 ends on November 27. Here’s a short checklist of what to accomplish before the change of seasons.

  • Iron Banner: Nov 13-20
  • Seasonal Vanguard Rank
  • Seasonal Crucible Ranks in Valor and Glory
  • Crucible Ranks reset at the end of the season, so quest steps for Not Forgotten and Luna’s Howl will reset

There are also notes on technical support changes and bug fixes. You can read the entire This Week at Bungie HERE.

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