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November 20th Reset

All Praise to Osiris! We’re going back to Mercury!

Season 4 is winding down, giving Guardians limited opportunities to complete some of their quests, collections, and triumphs. The Iron Banner has wrapped up and we won’t see Lord Saladin again until after the Black Armory launches. We’ll enter the Season of the Forge in early December, bringing plenty of new content. Rumors are swirling around another level of power for weaponry and recent posts confirmed additional content.

The Season of the Forge will bring access to the Black Armory, which adds a new raid, exotic weapons, quests, triumphs and collections. Also included is the new activity titled The Lost Forges. We at The Tower hope that this is something akin to Escalation Protocol, the Blind Well, and our nostalgia for the Archon’s Forge. There is no definite news if the raid is a full raid or another raid lair, and Guardians certainly know there are plenty of unopened doors in the Last Wish raid map.

Destiny 2

Nightfall Strike

The Nightfall Strike options are pretty Osirian. The Tree of Probabilities and A Garden World are on the strike list. The guided game of the week is Will of the Thousands, which was originally a PlayStation4 exclusive. The Nightfall challenges are Extinguish (yikes) and Equipment Locked. Here are the rewards for completing the Nightfall Strikes:

Lake of Shadows – The Militia’s Birthright grenade launcher

A Garden World – Universal Wavefunction ship

Tree of Possibilities – D.F.A. Hand Cannon

Destiny 2


The Flashpoint location is Mercury, completing the hat trick for things related to Osiris and Brother Vance. Complete the progression this week on Mercury by completing Heroic Adventures, clearing out the enemies in Lost Sectors, and contributing in the Public Event. (There is still only one public event on Mercury.) For those who have Forsaken, make sure you grab Wanted bounties from Spider, as some of these are the bosses in Lost Sectors.

Crucible, Strikes and EP

The task this week is to complete 5 total Crucible matches. They must be public matches to count. The weekly Crucible playlist is Breakthrough. This week’s Escalation Protocol boss is Naksud, the famine. Completing EP may drop the IKELOS sniper rifle, shotgun or submachine gun. The Vanguard Strike modifier for the week is Solar Singe.



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