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Episode #42: An Interview with Voice Director Kevin McMullan

We have been away for far too long, but as Tee explains, we have not been far from the maddening crowd. Still streaming, still playing, and we are getting the podcast back on track this Black Friday. Let’s kick off the comeback with a really fun interview with Kevin McMullan, Voiceover Director for Destiny 2: Forsaken. Along with his experience into tapping into that which tugs on the heartstrings, Kevin also shares some wonderful stories from behind the scenes.

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00:00 — Introduction

  • A quick word from Tee Morris
  • This podcast is now brought to you by Hangry Gamer Gear. Check out their site and use “HAPPYHOUR” at checkout to receive a 15% discount off your order!
  • What’s with the radio voice, Tee?
  • Welcome to the show the creative force behind the vocal talent…
  • The Fireteam is down to two today, but we will be back in full swing, soon.

2:27 — Episode #042: An Interview with Voice Director Kevin McMullan (Part One)

  • Meet Kevin McMullan, Voiceover Director and Developer with Bungie
    • Directing voice talent since the Rise of Iron days
    • His clientele is wide and varied, but his heart belongs to the mothership in Seattle.
    • His audio background goes back to classics like Age of Empires and Halo Wars.
    • And yes, Kevin plays.
  • It’s been a month (at the time of this recording) since Forsaken has been out.
  • Shout out to Brandon O’Neill, a guy who takes his role as Uldren Sov seriously.
  • Another shout out to Richard Sloniker, coming soon to this podcast!
  • On this show, we jump from topic to topic like a Warlock on Red Bull.
  • The process of planning a production, audition and casting, and character performance
  • Nick, based on a panel at MAGFest, asks about Kevin’s involvement in the convention scene and how much improv is involved.
  • Now, we want a Gary Busey Ghost….and a McConaughey Ghost….and a Walken Ghost…and………
  • On the level of talent involved in Destiny 2: Forsaken and how they become more engaging with the game and its players
  • Forsaken overhauls more than just the weapons slots.
  • The real joy of Forsaken: So much to do, and you decide what direction you want to take.
  • Looking over the journey we have taken from Destiny 2, to Curse of Osiris, to Warmind, to this week.

23:27 — Hangry Gamer Gear

24:11  — Episode #042: An Interview with Voice Director Kevin McMullan (Part Two)

  • Kevin fits right in here at the Tower.
  • Frank Langella Fanboy Time

    • From Dracula to Dawg to Iago
    • The difference between “invested” and “attitude” in the arts
    • Professional actors show up to kick ass. Period.
  • Let’s talk about another debut voice talent from Destiny 2
  • And how about these two lovely ladies?
  • How many microphones has Lennie James blown out in a studio?
  • This interview has been a blast!
  • What has been Kevin’s takeaway in working with Destiny?
    • It has all led to Forsaken.
    • Something about Forsaken made an impact on everyone involved.
    • Behind-the-Scenes…something you need to know about this scene…
    • No matter you know it’s coming, no matter how many times you see it…
  • Tee’s Audio Nerd Rant
  • Talking about risks, and how Bungie went all in and won.
  • From the Voice Director, a few thoughts on the Guardian talking in-game
  • Goodbyes are always tough.
  • Tee gives a final pitch for his voice talents…but he discovers that everyone’s got a Walken!
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  • Some last minute thoughts…
    • Tee, set Gambit aside to finish the story!
    • Saturdays on stream — join us for the #CrucibleClinic! 
    • Angela’s GoFundMe and TD0013’s Etsy Store — check them out!
    • You remember TeeDee, of course…



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