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Episode #43: An Interview with Mo-Cap Actor Richard Sloniker

The Black Armory starts today, and the Fireteam are diving headlong into it in order to talk about it with you all. Until that time, enjoy this interview with Richard Sloniker. He’s an actor, a teacher, a theatre manager, but you all in the Tower know him as Cayde-6. “Wait a minute,” you say, “isn’t Cayde-6 played by Captain Tightpants himself, Nathan Fillion?” You would be correct on that, but Richard is the body behind the dearly-departed Vanguard. Once again, we go behind-the-scenes(recorded just before Forsaken was to go live) and talk with Richard about the incredible acting challenge behind motion capture.

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00:00 — Introduction

  • Hey, everybody, Brandon’s back.
  • Our favorite Vanguard might be dead, but he’s still giving good drop-in!
  • And we’ve got a special guest on Skype, just for you, Guardians…

1:07 — Episode #043: An Interview with Mo-Cap Actor Richard Sloniker (Part One)

  • Who is Richard Nguyen Sloniker, you ask?
    • Take a look at Richard in action…
    • Brandon O’Neill…the most wanted man in Destiny.
  • Looking at how an actor approaches mo-cap versus working with stage work.
  • From one actor to another…
  • Where motion capture and stage combat intersect
  • You might think setting up for mo-cap is pain-staking, but this isn’t Bungie’s first rodeo.
  • What comes first: the dialogue or the mo-cap?
  • There is no time to cross paths with the voice talents which is kind of a bummer.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Richard Sloniker, gaming nerd.
  • Looking back on Richard’s appearance on Z Nation
  • …and The Gamers, where it’s a real delight to make entertainment happen!
  • Returning to Destiny 2, talking about the death of Cayde-6….

17:55 — Hangry Gamer Gear

18:39  — An Interview with Mo-Cap Actor Richard Sloniker (Part Two)

  • Richard on the emotional attachment to Cayde-6 (and how much fun it is to play him)
  • So, about Brandon O’Neill
  • Switching gears (as we do), we go into Seattle theatre. Specifically Azeotrope, presented by Richard Sloniker
    • What inspired this movement?
    • Azeotrope’s mission: Offering the spotlight to marginalized groups
    • And this guy got his degree in Science! (Wait…what?)
  • And now the Fireteam looks back on this beloved interview.
  • Working as an actor in today’s society
  • Attempting to serve several artistic muses…
  • Richard Sloniker, Warlock (GOOD MAN!!!)
    • What’s his jam in Destiny 2?
    • Gambit, the game mode that brings families together.
    • What’s Richard’s favorite Destiny mode?
    • An invitation for Richard Sloniker to join the Fireteam in Tee’s Crucible Clinic.
  • Dang, Richard is playing his PS4 like a boss!
  • So where can people find me  Richard Sloniker online?
    • Ball Of Mochi (the epic tale of a man and his dog)
    • Twitter (where sometimes, Mochi comes in to play)
    • ….and his website (which, sadly, is Mochi-free)
  • Nick’s shout-outs
  • Remember, this podcast is brought to you by Hangry Gamer Gear!
    • They got cool, original Destiny gear. And other games!
    • Now they are sponsoring us!
    • And when you check out, use “HAPPYHOUR” at checkout, and receive 15% off your order!
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    • Or leave us a comment on the blog!
  • Some last minute thoughts…
    • Tee, set Gambit aside to finish the story!
    • Saturdays on stream — join us for the #CrucibleClinic! 
    • Angela’s GoFundMe and TD0013’s Etsy Store — check them out!
    • You remember TeeDee, of course…

35:10  — Blooper Reel with Richard Sloniker


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