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Episode #44: An Interview with Steve the Blind Gamer

When you swing by Tee’s stream on Tuesday nights, you may notice there’s some serious shenanigans afoot. You would be more correct on that as we are hosting as special series called The Blind Leading the Blind featuring Steve Saylor. As Tee likes to say “Steve and I are putting the BLIND into Blind Playthrough.”

If you are curious as to where we are going with this, yes, Steve Saylor is legally blind…

…and he plays video games.

Strap in and find out how Steve is pulling off this Christmas Miracle as we welcome this knucklehead to the show. What started off as a wild idea has now evolved into a highly-anticipated event on Tee’s and Steve’s streams. Find out more in this episode from your Fireteam.

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00:00 — Introduction

  • Experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.
  • Okay, how did we do this again?
  • Brandon likes where he is sitting now.
  • Let’s see if we remember how to do this…

2:51 — Episode #044: An Interview with Steve the Blind Gamer (Part One)

  • Welcome to the podcast, Steve Saylor!
    • No, it’s not Tuesday.
    • And you can see the unedited LIVE stream here!
    • Who exactly is The Blind Gamer?
    • The details on his blindness.
    • Where his shenanigans take him?
    • So, what can you find on Steve’s YouTube?
  • How does a blind guy actually play video games?
  • …or aim.
  • The genesis of the “Blind Gamer” persona.
  • Being blind, do video games bring on fatigue?
  • The Doctor isn’t always right, you know?
  • So, let’s talk about The Blind Leading the Blind and how all this happened.
    • Going back a ways with Steve Saylor
    • And now, our White Shadow tangent.
    • Tee Morris, The Great Enabler
    • And Steve took this idea and ran with it…
  • What is it about Destiny 2 that brings Steve back every Tuesday?
  • Nick goes there with the Class War in Destiny…
    • Why did Steve go with the Warlock?
    • Turns out the jump work better for Steve!
    • Tee is triggered.
    • And we fall apart from here…
    • “Yo, Warlock, throw a rift!!!” // “Say please.“
  • What’s appealing to Steve in Destiny’s storytelling?
  • Going back through the opening of Destiny 2

30:10 — Hangry Gamer Gear

30:55  — Episode #044: An Interview with Steve the Blind Gamer (Part Two)

  • Thank goodness Tee is wearing his cup.
  • Nick loves to talk about Voice Talent. What does Steve think?
  • Planning ahead upcoming Blind Leading the Blind episodes
  • What is Steve looking forward to in Forsaken?
  • The saga of one teenager’s search for vengeance
  • Let’s talk about Gambit, and the entertainment value of The Big Marvinski’s stream.
  • Steve and Brandon geek out over Assassin’s Creed like the unabashed AC nerds that they are.
  • The best moment of the Video Game Awards…
  • Continuing on the video game geek-out, some real talk about what happened with the Video Game Awards 2018
  • Ranking Assassins Creed games
  • Grading Destiny’s accessibility
  • Steve’s recent experience with Ubisoft
  • Wrapping up…with a surprise reveal for MAGFest on January 3-6, 2019.
  • You need to go and see his YouTube Channel.
  • Remember, this podcast is brought to you by Hangry Gamer Gear!
    • They got cool, original Destiny gear. And other games!
    • Now they are sponsoring us!
    • And when you check out, use “HAPPYHOUR” at checkout, and receive 15% off your order!
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    • Voicemail/WhatsApp — 703.791.1701
    • Email — podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com
    • Or leave us a comment on the blog!
  • Some last minute thoughts…
    • Tee, set Gambit aside to finish the story!
    • Saturdays on stream — join us for the #CrucibleClinic! 
    • Angela’s GoFundMe and TD0013’s Etsy Store — check them out!
    • You remember TeeDee, of course…

35:10  — Blooper Reel with Richard Sloniker


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