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Episode #47: Active Quests & The Black Armory

EDITOR’S NOTE: During the playback of the episode, we have noticed some problems with “crackling” in the audio. Turns out a cable (we’re just not sure which one) is giving up the Ghost, so our next batch of recordings should sound a bit better.

The Fireteam is ready for a trip into the Crucible as we are a full-on crew. Coach is back!!! We are settling in to talk about The Black Armory and current quests that are active in-game. We also celebrate a little victory on Tee’s end of his Malfeasence Quest.

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00:00 — Introduction

  • Did you know we are now recording LIVE ON TWITCH? Because yeah, we are.
  • We are teasing a-plenty in this introduction.
  • Hey now — welcome back, Coach!
  • Explaining to your parents how there are chairs, and then there are chairs.
  • Have you visited Hangry Gamer Gear? Check them out!

2:06 — Episode #047: Active Quests & The Black Armory (Part One)

  • How has the weekend been for the Fireteam?
    • Brandon’s got a root canal…at 14.
    • Nick’s got a new book out — Catwalk: Hypnotic — and you can find out more about the Catwalk series here!
    • Obi is as chill as winter.
    • Tee, on the other hand? No chill whatsoever… (Video NSFW)
    • Shout out to The Big Marvinski for being a part of this!
    • So, Tee, did you get it?
    • Okay, let’s break it down…
    • Little victories. Take them when they come.
  • A brief discussion on the difficulty with Destiny 2 on Mouse & Keyboard.
  • So what does a Titan write in a journal? (Bigger question: How does a Titan know how to write in a journal?!)
  • Shout-out to Richard Sloniker for the love on Twitter!
  • Power Level Update for the Fireteam
    • Coach Obi — 650 across all classes
    • Brandon — 627 for Hunter
    • Nick — 615 on his Titan
    • Tee — 645-650 on Warlock, 650 on his Titan
    • …and Tee’s got a Sidearm he loves.
    • Ice T — 650. (Yes, THAT Ice T!)
  • The Quest for The Last Word
    • Brandon was really tasting the salt…
    • …but he and Ron go back and forth about the best approach to this quest.
    • Deep diving into the up’s and down’s about that one particular quest step for The Last Word.
    • Big love for Byf!
    • The real question: How bad do you want this hand cannon?
  • Some lore discussion about The Last Word and The Thorn
  • Another big shout-out for Byf and this video…

27:15 — Hangry Gamer Gear

28:00  — Episode #047: Active Quests & The Black Armory (Part Two)

  • Junior Turtle answers the lore question thrown out by Nick…
  • Diving a little deeper into The Black Armory
    • Let’s talk about favorite weapons from the Black Armory…
    • …and in particular, Obi’s love for the Jotunn.
    • Tee’s digging the Hammerhead.
    • Nick and Brandon, father and son defined.
  • Coach’s GoFannon Forge Strategy — yes, it works!
  • Coach’s opinion on the pacing of The Black Armory
  • Not all cloaks are styling like Cayde’s.
  • Nick’s a little salty about that Telesto.
  • The Supers are feeling super again. It’s feeling good, and a LOT of fun.
  • Aaaaaaand cue the ball busting from Coach….
  • Hey, Brandon — who are you running with in Destiny? YOUR MOM! (No, seriously…)
  • Oh Brandon… RNG never seems to smile on him.
  • So…about Mara Sov… eh, let’s save that for another show, shall we?

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