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Episode 48: It’s the Season of the Drifter

Tee, Nick, and Brandon assemble and put together copious notes on Season of the Drifter. This was recorded the Sunday before the game dropped, so here we talk about what we are looking forward to and what we are hoping for from this new DLC.
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00:00 — Introduction

  • Did you know we are now recording LIVE ON TWITCH? Because yeah, we are.
  • The Fireteam is ready to go!
  • RNJesus does not love Brandon on Strange Terrain.
  • Let’s talk about what we have been up to in-game…
    • Nick — Power Level is at 639 and he is working through his Forge Weapons on Mercury.
    • Wait — Tee is coaching Brandon?
    • Brandon’s on Bell Duty. This scares Tee.
    • Brandon — Power Level is at 643 and Strange Terrain is his grind.
    • Tee — Power Level is at 650 and his Warlock skills are beginning to slip out into the Real World.
    • Maybe there is such a thing as too much Destiny.
    • Marvel’s new property: Doctor Strange Terrain.
    • A tiny tangent on Polar.
    • Tee’s got some new weapons, so a bit closer to Wayfarer. (UPDATE: His RNG is done on Mars. It’s time to go on Heroic Adventures now!)
  • Coffee Talk
  • The Big Marvinski went from being in Chat to being on pod. Thanks, man!
  • So, what happened at the Kelly’s while we were recording the next episode? (Wait, what?!)
  • The interview is coming, Marv. I promise.

11:00 — Episode #048: It’s the Season of the Drifter (Part One)

  • Welcome to the Season of the Drifter!
    • Don’t abuse the bell, Brandon!
    • Nick’s not the only one who takes copious notes here.
    • How Titans take notes.
  • The ViDoc in question…
  • There were a LOT of undertones in this particular ViDoc…
  • Okay, let’s break down the first thing you know about Gambit Prime…
    • Low in Power Levels? Welcome to Gambit Power Surge Bounties…
    • So, Bungie, can I jump right into this content?
    • Thoughts on the Black Armory hiccups
    • Brandon’s Exotic Blues
  • The return of armor perks
  • “If Gambit is training for a heist, Gambit Prime is the heist.” – Jonathan To, Writer
  • Anything we are looking for
    • For Tee…the return of Armor Chroma
    • For Brandon…new Drifter animations
  • New Roles in Gambit Prime
    • Reaper
    • Collector
    • Sentry
    • Invader
  • Ideas to troll the other team in Gambit with new armor
    • Lamenting over The Black Armor….except for Coach.
    • Lamenting over Archon’s Forge. Yeah, we have Blind Well, but…..
    • But it’s more like Escalation Protocol.
    • Brandon speculates what he thinks The Reckoning will be. (Keep in mind, at this recording, we haven’t played it yet.)So where do you go after Gambit Prime? The Reckoning, of course.
  • Looks like all our chat about Destiny is rubbing off on our audience…

23:52 — Hangry Gamer Gear

24:38  — Episode #048: It’s the Season of the Drifter (Part Two)

  • If you don’t like Gambit, then you may not enjoy The Season of the Drifter.
  • A discussion about whether or not Gambit has gone stale
    • Recent changes in Gambit against the brand new Gambit Prime
    • After the Dregen title, what now?
    • Tee’s burned out on Mars with the Wayferer grind, but EPs? Tee kind of digs those.
    • Nick and Brother Vance’s dark relationship
    • Tee still enjoys his Gambit highs.
    • Could Gambit be the solution in fixing the NBA?
    • Gambit on Ice
  • Other little changes in Destiny…
    • Xur’s now offering Invitations of the Nine
    • Goodbye, Prismatic Matrix.
    • Tee’s spending bright dust?
    • A quick tangent on emotes
  • Mad Conjecture — The Return of Sparrow Racing League
  • Welcome the Elephants in the room…
    • The Thorn returns.
      • Tee is finally watching this epic video…
      • This time, read the comments with this YouTube video!
      • Brandon brings Tee up to speed on The Thorn.
      • Lamenting over the Necrochasm
    • At 7:30 in the ViDoc…Bungie does a victory dance about leaving ActiVision.
      • Working a little hard to bring this home?
        • The fickle of the gaming community
        • Destiny: Forsaken is True Detective: Season 3
    • The Allegiance Quest
      • Which side are you on?
      • The consequences of decision making in video games Welcome the Elephants in the Room
  • Hey, ActiVision, stop being dicks.
  • Another page of Brandon O’Neill
  • Wrapping up
  • Thank you, Bungie, for making an incredible ViDoc…
    • Rob Adams, Art Director
    • Jonathan Sova, Senior Designer
    • Lars Bakkon, Creative Lead
    • Blake Battle, Production Lead
    • Del Chaffe III, Creative Director
    • Ryan Paradis, Design Lead
    • Mallory Schleif, Staff Writer
    • Jonathan To, Writer
    • Lisa Brown, Senior Designer
    • Robbie Stevens, Senior Designer
    • Baldur Tangvald, Senior Designer
    • Victor Anderson, Associate Designer
    • Elliot Grey, Senior Visual Designer
    • Luke Smith, Game Director
  • Nick’s little rant to the Destiny haters…and people who leave Christmas lights up after January.

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