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Episode #49: An Interview with The Vintage Moon

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It’s been a while, but we are finally back into the studio. Yes, summer is starting early for us a conventions are finalizing schedules and we are looking ahead to where to go. Not only are we looking at con schedules but so are cosplayers. This episode, we are talking to one such cosplayer — The Vintage Moon. TVM (Stephanie) brings her love of Destiny to cosplay. Take a look at some of the amazing work she’s created.

We have more interviews and more Destiny chat planned for the summer, but we want to hear from you! What’s the title you are running for in Destiny 2? Got a topic you want us to cover? Drop us a line at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

00:00 — Introduction

  • Did you know we are now recording LIVE ON TWITCH? Because yeah, we are.
  • Tee has been waiting for SO LONG to get this cosplayer on the show!
  • The Fireteam thought Nick would be crazy for her Holliday, but how about that Hammer?
  • Necessity is the Mother of Awesome!

03:30 — Episode #049: An Interview with The Vintage Moon (Part One)

  • How a cosplayer is made
  • “Well, you know, Borderlands is an old game. No one will really recognize me.” So, Stephanie, about that…
  • The timelessness of some video games
  • The same – three – cosplays you see women do…
  • We know Stephanie plays Destiny, so we want to know…
    • What does she main?
    • What drew you to Destiny?
    • And Tee may be offering Stephanie a spot on the Fireteam.
    • To Stephanie’s cousin: “Thank you!”
    • Sadly, Stephanie, is a Guardian in search of a Clan. (Yo, Danfinity…)
  • Why the design of Destiny 2 draws Stephanie, but Destiny 1 has its gems.
  • Brandon is really fighting the urge to go down the Borderlands rabbit hole…
  • Cosplaying is an investment in all sorts of ways.
  • What Fillion and Nick have in common?
  • Stephanie is some sort of Brady Bunch unlucky tiki when it comes to meeting celebrities…
  • And now, Nick is going to monopolize the conversation…
  • Shout-out to Courtenay Taylor
  • Why Amanda Holliday?
  • Nick’s little rant about the fate of Amanda
  • Sure, Stephanie does costumes. But how are her skills with props?
  • Who put Nick in charge?!
  • What would Stephanie like to take on as her next BIG Destiny project?
  • Shout outs to Stephanie’s partners-in-cosplay
  • A little side-tangent on favorite weapons from Destiny and Destiny 2
  • And there’s Brandon turning on the charm…LADIES….
  • Some of Stephanie’s other cosplays include…
    • Borderlands
    • Red Dead Redemption
    • God of War
  • Time to catch a breath, and get ready for Brandon to monopolize the interview.

27:47 — Hangry Gamer Gear

28:33 — Episode #049: An Interview with The Vintage Moon (Part Two)

  • It’s like she fits right in here…
  • We need to talk about Stephanie’s Petra Venj…
  • What you should know about this cosplay
    • Stephanie is blind as a bat in this costume.
    • There is a fine line between the Awoken and the Smurfs.
  • And here we go…the Brandon and Stephanie Show featuring Borderlands
    • How tough is the makeup for that cosplay?
    • Makeup tips and tricks for Borderlands cosplayers
    • Making a costume appear “animated”
    • On Gauge and Deathtrap
    • And now Brandon and Stephanie are BFFs.
    • The inspiration behind Christmas Gauge
    • Challenges of Lilith, starting with the tattoos…
  • Sending a lot of love to those people with Cosplay Triage at their events…
  • And a shout out to Fenix Fatalist!
  • The Borderlands Love-In sees no end.
  • How about God of War or as Pip and I call it — God of Are We There Yet?
    • BOY…
    • Have you joined us yet for Philippa’s Phreaky Friday?
    • It’s pronounced “Kray-tos” so you know.
    • How about this axe?
    • Why planning out your project when working with LEDs is IMPORTANT
  • Ingenuity in Cosplay — things we have seen in our travels and what Stephanie is the proudest to talk about.
  • Stephanie’s White Whale of Cosplay: The Valkerie from God of War
  • Yet another shout-out to Knit Freak Cosplay
  • The up’s and down’s on accepting commissions
  • What is Stephanie’s next big project and where you can find her…
  • Worth the wait, this interview!

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