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Episode #50: Banking Motes and Memories

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We are back for another episodes, this time with a full Fireteam. Good thing this worked out, too, as we are both talking about Season of the Drifter alongside our favorite moments over these past two years. Yes, we have been at this for two years and on this anniversary, we have set a new milestone with EPISODE #50, not counting special shows and little bonuses we have released in these two years.

Want to hear the show in the raw? Here’s the LIVE feed!

Interviews, videos, fan fiction, we have covered a lot of ground, almost as much ground as the Fireteam has covered in The Reckoning, something we plan to talk about in this fiftieth episode. Come on and join us for the fun, and share your favorite show memory with us at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

And hey — thanks for listening, Guardian!

00:00 — Introduction

  • Did you know we are now recording LIVE ON TWITCH? Because yeah, we are.
  • What do you know — the whole Fireteam is present!
  • Checking in with everyone on how they have been…
    • Obi is living good in the Carolinas.
    • Brandon recovers from a field trip.
    • Nick shares concern about the show bell.
  • Okay, let’s dive in…

02:46 — Episode #050: Banking Motes and Memories (Part One — Gambit Prime and the Reckoning)

  • Welcome to Episode #50!
  • So, Brandon, what’s it like to be 15?
  • Geez, Tee, seriously?
  • Nick is rambling. Sort of.
  • Saying “hello” to those folks in Chat!
  • Brandon does NOT want to mod Chat. (Well, okay, my Chat.)
  • The breakdown of this show…
    • What’s going on with Destiny?
    • What’s going on with us?
  • Our Fireteam in Destiny
    • Brandon joins the 700 Club and continues the Dredgen grind.
    • Nick talks a bit about his Christmas lights, his status in Destiny, and his love for RNGesus.
    • And this is when the slaphappiness begins.
    • Assuring Nick that his quest for Wish-Ender is not the Whisper quest.
    • Obi is 700 with two full sets of Gambit Prime gear — Sentry and Reaper.
    • Tee is at 700 for the Warlock, 680 for my Titan. (We’re not talking about the Hunter.) Tee’s also got the Reaper set.
    • Big shout-out to Jen Haring!
    • Need help with the Reckoning? Obi and I are on call now!
  • Is Tier III actually easier than Tier II in the Reckoning? Well, Tee and Brandon have opinions.
  • The key word with the Reckoning: Timing.
  • Now that we’ve been playing Season of the Drifter, what do we think about it?
    • The Reckoning and Blind Well have a lot of similarities and differences.
    • The Reckoning sometimes brings out the worst in Guardians, sadly.
    • There’s plenty of other stuff to do in Destiny.
  • Why is Nick so far behind in things?
  • Nick’s first impression of the Volundr Forge
  • Some new activities for the solo Guardians. (We’re a little off topic here…)
  • No, seriously, time does fly on this podcast.

23:16 — Headshots

24:52 — Episode #050: Banking Motes and Memories (Part Two — A Look Back on Fifty Shows)

  • Shout-out to Phil Rossi!
  • Where it all began…
  • What stands out over the span of our run…
    • For Obi, it was Nick and Brandon’s first gift-giving.
    • Another one from Obi — when Courtenay Taylor reached out to us (when we were interviewing ZGphoto, no less!)
    • For Brandon, it’s all about the journey. That, and the inside jokes.
    • For Tee, it’s been watching Brandon grow braver AND BOLDER on the show.
    • For Nick, his stand-out moments include Joy Osmanski’s rejoiner and the SLAMANDA episode.
    • Something about this podcast push us out of comfort zones.
    • Let’s talk a bit about Steve Saylor and why we love running with him.
    • Amazing that we have been podcasting about this game — this “dead” game — for two years. (Suck it, haters.)
  • And when did Tee decide to launch this podcast? During the writing of Podcasting for Dummies, the Third Edition.
  • Happy Hour from the Tower on the road
    • So You Want to Podcast? — Friday, 4/26, 5:30pm in Room 154 at AwesomeCon
    • So You Want to Stream Content? — Saturday, 4/27, 2:30pm in Room 149 at AwesomeCon
  • Take a look at some of the interviews of this run, and what we are planning for Tuesday night, 7pm, at
  • What. A. Ride.
  • So, completely stepping away from what we’ve been talking about…
    • We do love Hangry Gamer Gear
    • …but how much money are we giving up to the Bungie Store?
    • Why did the guys suddenly go all Schwartzenagger? Watch the unedited video above!
    • Nick, FFS!!!!
    • You all ordering ordering any of this stuff? Let us know!
    • Will some of these Rewards be worth the wait? We will see.
    • The problem with having cats in the family…
  • Wrapping up.
  • Nick keeps it simple.

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