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Episode #51: An Interview with Brandon O’Neill

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We wanted to get this interview up sooner, but Tee was knocked out from a bad case of con crud. Don’t worry, though. This interview? It is so worth the wait…

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Beginning the second half of a journey to Episode #100, Episode #51 is a sit-down with the voice behind the man who killed Cayde-6. Actor and mo-cap artist Brandon O’Neill joins us in the Tower to talk about the character he’s played for a decade. We go deep into the motivation and evolution of Uldren Sov, and we get to know the artist behind the Prince of the Reef. Come on and join us for the fun when we record, and share your thoughts with us at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for listening, Guardians! We will see you starside.

00:00 — Introduction

  • Did you know we are now recording LIVE ON TWITCH? Because yeah, we are.
  • It’s a Fireteam of three because a special guest is here…
  • …and when we say “special” we are not kidding around, he’s royalty!

01:27 — Episode #051: An Interview with Brandon O’Neill (Part One)

  • Welcome to to the show Bungie’s favorite troll! It’s the voice of the Prince of the Reef himself — actor Brandon O’Neill!
  • The question on everyone’s mind…
  • Well done, Nick!
  • How does the man who brings Uldren Sov to life describes the evolution of the man who killed Cayde-6?
  • A mini-Game of Thrones moment for you all
  • If you haven’t seen Brandon O’Neill’s Twitter stream, you really, really should.
  • Tee just gets freaked out in how easily O’Neill taps into Uldren.
  • What’s Brandon all about outside of Destiny?
    • Brandon’s humble beginnings
    • How music led to theatre
    • A full-time performing artist — pretty badass, man!
    • Tee’s got his jelly on.
  • The road for Brandon in becoming the guy you love to hate in Destiny has been long, but worth the ride.
  • Our Brandon asks Brandon O’Neill about the return of the Prince of the Reef and a new road of redemption.
  • We’re loving this interview. Just saying.
  • Did Brandon O’Neill ever make it to where jazz clubs cater to Broadway casts on dark days?
  • Nick wants more stuff on Brandon’s YouTube page.
  • The challenges in jumping from a Vanguard to the Godfather of the Reef
  • A little shout-out to Lance Reddick
  • A little aside on actors who are heavies but run with comedy. (Tee’s theatre jockness is showing…)
  • Going in to the science of a mo-cap behind an another actor’s voice track
  • “On your left.” Not for Brandon when he is mo-capping Zavala.
  • Going deep into acting nerdom, talking about character arc and where to go with Uldren Sov.

25:43 — Hangry Gamer Gear

26:29 — Episode #051: An Interview with Brandon O’Neill (Part Two)

  • How’s that for a rejoiner?!
  • Our Brandon regales Brandon O’Neill with his own grind for the Ace of the Spades
  • Brandon O’Neill and #AllTheThings — what keeps him busy?
  • Talking about the dedication to stage movement and combat? (Tee’s theatre nerd is in studio now…)
    • This guy knows his stage combat.
    • Tee and Brandon swap stage combat war stories. (Bear with Tee, Guardians. He’s in his element.)
    • Tee loves this guy!!!
  • Brandon O’Neill shares some love for Seattle’s Fifth Avenue Theatre and his connection to Meat Loaf.
  • Auditioning — how to make them work for you…and how to survive them.
  • A dream role for Brandon O’Neill?
The original Broadway Cast of Sweeney Todd
  • Nick offers up for Brandon’s thoughts on playing Jack Talon in Ghost Patrol.

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