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Episode #53: Farewell, Drifter! Yea, Opulence!

Two weeks ago, This Week at Bungie (or TWAB, if you didn’t know but you should be reading it) had the Destiny community in an uproar. Today, the community is gearing up for the Season of Opulence, and our fireteam is ready to talk about it!

In this episode, the Fireteam gathers round respective mics and looks back on the Season of the Drifter. While Gambit-centric (as the name leads on), there were some memorable moments to reflect over. The crew then look ahead to what drops today: The Season of Opulence.

Change is coming, and the Guardians are ready for it. How about you? We would love to get your thoughts on the road ahead, so drop us a line at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com.

00:00 — Episode #053: Farewell, Drifter! Yea, Opulence! (Part One)

  • On our last show, we were kind of fired up.
  • Guardians can be fickle.
  • PRO TIP: Always know what you wear when on panels at Balticon.
  • What are we working on, goal-wise…
    • Ron is working on Reckoner.
    • Brandon is multitasking on both Dredgen and Wayfarer.
    • Nick is making progress with Chronicler.
    • Tee is counting down to this week’s Shattered Throne, optimistic about the last item needed on Cursebreaker. (Nick makes a call to ADHDDnD.
  • AGAIN…what is Nick on about with the Christmas lights?
  • Come to the live recording? We got prizes!
  • Before we get to the Season of Opulence, let’s talk about Season of the Drifter.
  • Obi does love his Jotunn.
  • However, Coach doesn’t want to talk about this…
  • Brandon’s wondering what we should call it now that it’s all over…
    • Shout out for Spare Rations
    • Shout out for Doomsday
    • Overall, Brandon discovered incentive, something needed for Gambit.
  • Jumping back to Obi on his opinions between Gambit, Prime, and Reckoning.
  • How about that Invitation of the Nine?
  • Yo, Nick — Tee’s got drop-in’s!
  • This podcast is a a well-oiled machine, let me tell you!
  • Tee had a blast in Season of the Drifter
    • Love DAT Reaper Armor!
    • Which armor would you want your character sculpted in? (Brandon offers a wild card thought.)
    • Other things we’re up to in Destiny… (Shout-out to Maxie!)
    • 21% Delirium, Tee’s new favorite toy
    • The side quests are awesome…
    • …but not as much as he’s digging dungeons with the Shattered Throne runs.
  • Nick is running solo so he only touched on a few bases in Season of the Drifter.
  • Brandon confesses his reasons why he doesn’t run with Coach.
  • Nick, check your PSN!
  • Overcoming being shy in reaching out to online Clanmates and Guardian-buds…
  • The Destiny Community on a whole (and yeah, the Stream’s Community) are great people! PERIOD!
  • If you see friends online, reach out!
  • Why does Tee get invited to Fireteams? He’s the Team’s Jester. Just ask Danfinity.)
  • Tee’s gittin’ gud, scrub!
  • Holy cow, we’re up on thirty minutes!

28:57 — Hangry Gamer Gear

29:43 — Episode #053: Farewell, Drifter! Yea, Opulence! (Part Two)

  • That bit of a pause…that’s on Tee.
  • Chavalaar offers up great nameplates for the live stream!
  • Nick presents his copious notes for the Season of Opulence
    • Power Level increase to 750. (Let’s rock!)
    • Changes at the Eververse. Moving on……
    • Season of Opulence…of Osiris — THIS IS THE LAST STRETCH FOR DESTINY 2!
  • Well oiled machine, Chat.
  • Back to copious notes…
    • Obi is hot-and-cold about the Iron Banner.
    • Solstice of Heroes is coming, and we will be ready! (All, but Obi.)
    • Looking back on the Revelry…kind of not good.
    • The Menagerie — you have our attention, Bungie…
  • A deep dive discussion about the Chalice of Opulence, both good and bad…
  • Can randos be fickle. Yeah, just a bit…
  • Well. Oiled. Machine.
  • And we return to copious notes…
    • Crown of Sorrows is coming. Oh yes, it is coming……
    • Well, huh…the plans of this “Day One” raid Tee signed on for seem a bit confusing.
  • 46:21 — Tee loses it.
  • Back to the discussion…please…….
    • Returning to the Ascendant Realm. So, who’s there?
    • It would be cool if we got another dungeon.
    • Heading into the unknown with the Crown of Sorrow
    • New Pinnacle Weapons, Armor, and Element Challenges
    • June 11 — Exotic Quest: The Truth (and Obi is not pleased)
  • First Trivia Question for Chat! (And Nova is in the running for a signed book!)
  • Nick is suddenly feeling some karma from 46:21. Just saying.
  • Speculation over the Lumina
  • Deep dive into some Destiny Lore, and a shout-out to My Name Is Byf
  • Second Trivia Question for Chat! (And Chav is in the running for a signed book!)
  • Quick thoughts on Swords and Strum & Drang
  • Wrapping up…
    • Shout out to a Titan at Escape Velocity
    • Shout out to The Vintage Moon
    • What is the Fireteam looking forward to in the new season?
    • And here’s the drawing for the signed copy of Twitch for Dummies
  • June 6th — Bungie’s Next Twitch Reveal!

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